Surviving Love and War...Chapter 3 (Part 1)

July 29, 2010
By EllenP. SILVER, Dededo, Guam, Other
EllenP. SILVER, Dededo, Guam, Other
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Chapter 3: Part 1:
"First Lies Now the Truth"

It’s been 6 months. I haven’t mentioned anything to Danny about Sophia. He really thinks that Sophia is a perfect girlfriend; even thou she’s still cheating on him. I know that I promised Sophia that I wasn’t going to tell him but, what if Danny finds out for himself. What if he caught Sophia himself; he’ definitely going to see that she’s cheating on him.
Every Thursday after school Sophia would go see Jordan at the gym to “study”; and how do I know that? I followed her a month ago to see if she’s still cheating on him, and she was. It was finally Thursday… Payback is on. I told Danny that there would be volleyball practice after school at the gym. He believed me and said that he would be there. I didn’t want to see Danny get hurt if he sees them but I really wanted to see Sophia’s face when she sees that Danny was there. I decided to go in the gym early; unfortunately my plan failed. There really was a volleyball practice. I didn’t see Jordan or Sophia. Where could they be? I guess 1 month of following them didn’t work.

Plan B was ready for action. If I can’t let Danny see them, then I’ll just capture it for him. A week already passed and it was finally Thursday again; it’s time to capture the moment. After school they didn’t go to the gym because there was practice so they decided to go to the mall. I was following them all day taking pictures of what they were doing. I needed a picture of them making out to prove to Danny that she was cheating on him. It got darker and darker, and they still weren’t making out. Who goes on a date for 3 hours and doesn’t make out?! He walked her home and I was hoping that he would kiss her and guess what he did. As soon as he leaned in-front of her I picked up my camera and started capturing their moment.
Plan B was a success. During the weekend I printed out the pictures, I couldn’t wait for Monday. The pictures were put in a yellow envelop; since I knew the combination on his locker I decided to put it there. I was across the room when I saw how everything happened…
Danny and Sophia were headed to his locker. He opened it and said “What’s this?”
“I don’t know. Open it.” Sophia insisted. Not knowing that everything in that yellow envelop was all her lies.
Danny opened it slowly and saw pictures that were turned backwards. He flipped it and saw pictures of Sophia. He opened his eyes and wasn’t sure if the girl in the picture was really Sophia. She also saw the pictures and couldn’t believe that he was looking at it. “Is this you?” Danny asked.
“Uhmm…” she panicked. She didn’t know what to say.
“This is you! You’ve been cheating on me?” he asked. He punched the walls and kicked the lockers. I’ve never seen him do those things.
Sophia started crying. “I’m really-really sorry. I didn’t know what I was thinking.” She said, with so many tears in her eyes.
“Didn’t know? Whoever took these pictures knew you were cheating on me but I didn’t. How long? How long have you been doing this? Danny asked with so much anger in his body.
“Uhmm… 1 week.” she said. She lied to Danny about it. I got so mad I had to do something.
“What do you mean 1 week? You’ve been cheating on him for 8 months already. 8 months Danny.” I shouted.
“What do you mean?” Danny asked.
“I took the pictures. When all of us watched the movie the movie Toy Story I caught her making out with another guy. She told me not to tell. I’m sorry. I tried to tell you but I saw how much she made you happy.” I explained.
“You did the right thing Suzie. Thanks.” He turned his body around and faced Sophia. “I wanna break up. I trusted in you but you still tried to lie yourself out of the truth.” He said.
“Danny… Don’t do this. I know I messed up but don’t break up with me.” She begged. I started crying again. I almost felt bad for her but she was wrong.
“No. I don’t know if I can trust you anymore Sophia. I’m sorry but it’s over.” He said. He turned around and walked away. I tried to stay and comfort Sophia but Danny will always come first. I followed Danny back to the cafeteria. He started tearing up when we sat down.
“Danny it’s okay. Now were both single.” I joked. He giggled, making a smile on his face.
“Thanks for everything Suzie. You’re really a great friend.” He said with a big smile on his face.
“You are too.” I said. I looked into his eyes; I saw his big blue eyes that I just realized were so charming. I didn’t know what I was feeling right now. “Danny.” I called out his name. “Yeah, what is it?” He asked. I wasn’t going to say anything. I leaned forward to him and by accident (I think) I kissed him. He kissed me back making me feel so happy. After the kiss I just realized that Danny has been there with me through all my troubles; I think I like Danny…

Chapter 3 isn’t done. I decided to cut Chapter 3 into 2 parts. Part 2 is titled: Big Blue Eyes of Yours

The author's comments:
Friends will always be there for you. Even when it comes to love.

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Such a great work of yours. Chapter 1-3 should be posted in the magazine. this is really really great. i hope i see more from your work.

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