The Tables have Turned

July 19, 2010
By erikae GOLD, Brookfield, Wisconsin
erikae GOLD, Brookfield, Wisconsin
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Hey, long time no talk. When was my last little entry? I think May. And of course as you know, stuff has happened since then, kinda a lot of stuff now that I’m actually sitting down and thinking it out.

We were talking more during that last week of school, but something still felt a little off. I have no idea what it was, or who knows maybe it was just me. Something that happened that I don’t know if either of us really foresaw was me and your best friend Torin getting close. Or if I want to get all weird on us, maybe you are the reason we got close. Dude, I love that kid, haha. I haven’t known him long and he’s already told me if I ever need anything I can ask. That’s pretty cool, or at least I think it is. I know it was his idea to have me up to your uncle’s place, but I’m glad you went along with it because that day was fun. You even texted me right after we left asking if I had a good time. What’s up with that? Are you finally coming around to that lets try to be a better friend thing??

Well that day was exactly one week since you and I ever hung out. Yes I am a dork for remembering the day, but cut me some slack. It’s not too hard to remember July 1st. Then you had to go and get grounded, so it’s not like we could even hang out on that day, not gonna lie I was a little sad about that. But my friends and I had a Disney movie day so it’s ok. Actually Torin showed up that day. He saw us on the road and called me, weird right?

Torin and I had our own little drama when I thought I liked him and told him that. Probably not my best move… but we learn and move on. And yes I was wrong I don’t like him like that, but you know about what happened after that. And he told you, I know he did, even if you don’t admit it or remember it.

Oh Torin, you owe me big time right now, seeing as I unintentionally set you up with my best friend. Don’t you just love it when stuff like that happens? You guys will be good together.

Ok enough with Torin for now, and back to you. A couple weeks ago I went to that dance club thing. Torin was there with me. And I met that guy. I still don’t really know why I vented to you about him in the first place, but I think I’m glad I did. I had known the guy three days when I first told you about him, and I was sorta worried. You helped me calm that worry. Calm enough to hang out with him the next day. And I got my first kiss ?.

And now back to Torin. We went out for lunch and hung out a few days after you and I talked. He asked me if I really like this guy, which I do. And he started talking to me a lot about you. Is there something to that? It happened again when I saw him like two days later. Just casual comments that kind of work with our conversation. They are always definitely directed at me. Is there something that I’m missing here? You’re the one who just wanted to be friends. . . And the one who kept the fact that you had a girlfriend a secret from me. Are you jealous? Because if you are, that’s not my fault.

I’ve been out with this guy a few times now, and I think there’s definitely something there. So today I’m bored and decide to chat you up. You ask about the second dance that you chickened out of. Well you had other plans, but still. Then immediately after you ask about this guy. And it’s not just how things went. You ask if he’s going to ask me out. Why? Why do you really care?

Well a lots happened, and I’m not gonna lie if the tables are turned now, and you’re jealous I think it serves you right. I’m glad were friends, don’t get me wrong. I just wish I didn’t always have some weird strings attached to it.

But hey its nice talking to you now and again. And thank you for being there for me.

The author's comments:
Its kind of a wrap up on my other fiction pieces, but like the rest of them they have a large does of truth to them

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