Lost in the Ocean: Chapter 1

July 4, 2010
By Avalon BRONZE, Robinson, Texas
Avalon BRONZE, Robinson, Texas
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A week later I was still in shock. My best friend since birth, Ivy, had died.
*Flash Back*
Ivy's parents had taken me and Ivy down to the Coast to celebrate Ivy's 15th birthday. While we were down there Ivy and I were allowed to go down to the beach at night since we were staying in a Condo right on the beach. Ivy had suggested we walk over to the Cabana about a quarter of a mile away. When we got there I bought Ivy a necklace with a crab on it.
I hid it behind my back in a paper bag, and right as I was about to give it to Ivy, a guy look around 17 walked up to us.
It was obvious just by the way he walked that he was drunk.
"Hey, babe. How you doing?" The guy slurred at us.
I looked at him in disgust.
"Ivy, let's go back." I whispered.
He didn't seem to like this.
"Oh, don't let your friend boss you around! Come have some fun with us." His hand made a half juster to his group of friends.
It was obvious to me that all of the guys were drunk and the girls were passing around a paper bag with a bottle rim poking out.
"Come on, Ivy! Let's go. Now!" I hissed at my friend.
"Oh, come on. Live a little would you." She complained.
She then stood up and followed the guy...
*End of Flashback*
"Lauren, Lauren." My english teacher called out bringing my flash back to a cut of.
"Yes ma'am?" I said.
"Just making sure you were still here with us." She said looking around the classroom.
"As I was saying..." She started, but I didn't hear anything else.

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