High School Friendship into Romance Chapter 1

July 3, 2010
By Ary707 BRONZE, Vallejo, California
Ary707 BRONZE, Vallejo, California
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Hey, have you ever fallen for a really close friend? Well, I have and it’s just a sad story waiting to happen. You start thinking they might like you back because they act really close and when actually they’ve been like that all the time. Yeah, that’s happened to me and I know first hand how it feels. They’ve never ended well for me let’s just say that. I usually decide to not tell them and that hurts as bad as confessing to them and getting rejected. Because last time I confessed, it didn’t end well for me and him. And after that, I usually find out they have girlfriend or they like one of my friends. And that’s happened more than once. It sucks right? Yeah I know.

My first day of high school, that’s just great. “Hey freshmen” I turned around to see my cousin Bree behind me. Me and her were close before but when she started high school we drifted. The only good thing about high school was that I already had friends going there with me. “Hey cuz” I said to her feeling better that I wasn’t alone. “I like your hair” she said as I looked at her surprised because it wasn’t any different from the last time I saw her. “What are you talking about, I didn’t do anything to it” I said looking at her now confused. “It’s long, it’s nice” she said looking at making me look at it as well. “Thanks” I said hoping high school would be like this, calm and easy. “Hey Lady” My middle school friend Angela said running up to me. “Hey what’s up lady” I said as I hugged her and as my cousin said “See you later”. “Bye” I said as she walked away. “Nothing just excited” Angela said to me.
“For what?”
“High School….the first day”
“Yeah, I’m nervous”
“Don’t be, you’re not alone”
“Okay thanks” I said taking a deep breath and feeling better.

By third period, I had gotten use to the flow of everything with Angela by my side. The weird thing was though that I noticed hecka people checking us out. But I was like whatever, I’m not pretty it’s probably just Angela they are looking at. And I knew cause I never really stood out, I usually just blended in with crowds. I have plain jet black hair and dark brown eyes that just a little lighter than black. Light skin, not athletic, not an artist but I have my traits. Angela was pretty, brown hair, skin just a little lighter then her hair and eyes that are a chocolate brown. I always felt like the ugly duckling when I was with my friends they were so pretty and I so wasn’t. We were close like sisters though but I knew I didn’t belong.

“Luna” I heard someone yell making me lose my train of thought. I turned to see a guy running towards me and Angela. The only thing was that I didn’t recognize him (I don’t have the best memory). Angela gave me a look that asked me who was that. I just shrugged thinking he was probably not talking to me. So we continued walking to our next class but then I heard his foot steps grow louder so I turned around expecting to see him. But nope he was gone; I knew he wasn’t talking to me but I felt a pang of disappointment. So then I turned to face Angela but instead I found him right in front of me. He surprised so much that I jumped, tripped, and fell back. He asked “Are you alright” as he offered me a hand to help. “No not really” I said getting up on my own ignoring his hand all together. “Do I know you” I asked hearing Angela laugh. “You don’t recognize me” he said to me with a look that made me feel bad. “Oh yeah, how are you” I said really not knowing but feeling bad that I didn’t. “You really don’t remember me do you” he said basically reading me like a book. Then Angela interrupted pulling me saying “We got to go fourth period is about to start”. “Are you serious? I can’t be late on the first day, let’s go; sorry I got to go” I said to him and Angela. Then we ran as fast as we could to our next class.

During lunch, I got five texts from my friends that moved away or went to a different high school. We missed each other but we promised each other to meet up on the weekend. Angela and I joined our friends from our middle school as I replied to all the texts. Then after I finished texting and started to eat I noticed someone sitting across from me starring at me. “Hi” the guy from earlier said to me. “When did you get here” I looked at him like he was a ghost. “A minute ago, you really should eat first than text” he said as looked at his half eaten lunch. So I looked to my friends and they were all almost finished so instead of talking to him, I ate because I was hungry. As I was finishing my food Kathleen whispered to me “Who’s he”. I shrugged because I wasn’t sure and my mouth was full. “Hi I’m…….” he paused and waited for me to swallow. “Mikey” I looked at him for a couple seconds then it came to me. “I thought you were younger than me, you look different, and you’ve changed” I basically yelled at him. I got up, dumped my tray and walked out to freaked out by my realization.

I couldn’t believe it as Mikey, my friend from a retreat and a small crush in my past that I thought I would forget. I sat down on courtyard grass and took out a book to calm down. But it was no use my mind wouldn’t let me escape reality to my book’s word.
“Hi, Luna” Ian said walking up to me (my old crush that rejected me). “Hey Ian” I said not in the greatest mood to talk to him. “What’s up you seem down” he asked me while sitting down next to me.
“It’s nothing, oh guess what”
“Mikey’s here”
“What? Really? I haven’t seen him since the retreat”
(Ian went to the retreat with me and became like best friends with Mikey)

Then out of nowhere Mikey shows up right behind Ian. “Wow your fast” I said to Mikey. “No not really” Ian said as Mikey said “I’m thinking of doing track”. Ian jumped when he heard Mikey. But right after that they started catching up on old times at the retreat so I walked away to get my books for my next class.
“Hey, what happened to you earlier” Angela said to me after school as we walked to my house. “Oh, It’s nothing” I lied to her but then we started talking about all the cute guys she saw. She told me she had a great first day compared to mine, hers sounded so much better.

That night, Mikey came to my house with a dozen roses for me. And when I opened the door he kissed the back of my right hand like gentlemen. Then he swept me off my feet and we started dancing in the sprinkling rain. Then I woke up to the sound of rain outside my window. It felt so real and made me blush every time I saw my right hand. I felt so refreshed when I woke up; like I was ready anything, and like that dream recharged me.

The author's comments:
This piece was written the summer before i went into high school. This was my idea of how high school could be like and this is only chapter 1 see how u like it.

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