new york pt.1

July 6, 2010
By leandranicole GOLD, Tampa, Florida
leandranicole GOLD, Tampa, Florida
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Rain poured outside of the car window as I watched everything I ever knew dissapear before my eyes. The town I loved. The town I grew up in. 9 years of school. first dates and first kisses. UNbreakable friendships now its all behind me and for what. For the biggest oppurtunity of my life. Ever since I was little I dreamed of travel. I would roam the world and keep journals of all the places I visit. so ok im not quite traveling the world im just moving to new york but hey its close. Im all fine and dandy with moving on and all but there is one problem, my girlfriend. lets just say she isnt wso keen on long term relationships but hey love over comes all obstacles right. I hope so. But you see there is a little of fish in the sea called new york city. Lets just hope my line doesnt catch more fish than i can handle.

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