June 23, 2010
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"Truth is, everybody in life is going to hurt you, you just gotta find the ones worth suffering for."

(Back Of Book)
Ally,Lilly,Cami,and Cali were best friends. But when a strange Ice Cream rolls around everyday at 3pm and people are suddenly missing they start to wonder.

The four girls were waking down the long sidewalk of Chestnut Street. It was hot, and hadn't rained for weeks. "Does anyone want icecream?" Ally asked. "If it's from that creepy truck then no," Cali answered. "C'mon guys! It's not like I'm gunna take you there!" Ally said. "So fresh icecream at your house?" Lilly asked. Ally nodded. They were half way down the street, so they only need to take a few more steps before approaching Ally's gate. They had about five more minuets before they would reac Ally's house. (They have a super long road) Then they heard the song of the icecream truck. "Umm guys, do you hear that?" Cami said. "Yeah,its that truck!" Lilly said. "RUN FOR IT!" Cami screamed. They ran as fast as they could to get to Ally's house before the icecream truck approached them. They all got inside Ally's gate just in time.

"That icecream truck is the whole reason we are moving." Lilly sighed. "The only way I can stay is if he's put out of business." Lilly looked at her three best friends. The ChesterVille News Had Came on. The reporter said,"Anthor child is missing. Her name is Fawn Rogers. Last time she was seen she was going to get icecream from the well known Chestnut street. She has black hair,tan skin, brown eyes, and was last wearing skinny jeans, and a blue hollister shirt. If you have any information please call 555-555-555." Lilly's face turned in horror. "Thats the fifth person this week!" Lilly screeched. The reporter came on again,"Annabell Roberts has just been found. The girl who was missing from the icecream truck yesturday. She was found in a dumpster on the corner of ChestOpener and Chester Street. She was stabbed to death. Her funeral will be on the 5th of next month." "We are gunna have to do something about all these missing reports." Cali said. "They all tend to be missing after they go for icecream from that truck, we are gunna have to check it out." Ally said. They finished there icecream then decided to investigate. "We can't investigate until tommrow since the truck has already passed." Cami sighed. "Yeah..tommrow I guess." Ally got up from her seat. "Well I gotta go," Lilly said. The other grls nodded in agreement. They all went out the door. (5 Mins Later)
Lilly and Cali heard a screaming nosie' and the slamming of a metal door. "Where is Cami?" Lilly whsipered. "I thought she was next to you!" Cali whisper-shouted back. "Oh No..." Lilly had figured it out. She saw the head lights and the sound of the icecream truck begin again. Cali had been taken by the icecream truck man.
The next morning Cali,Lilly, and Ally began searching for Cami. "I've texted her 5 times! No reply!"The tone of Cali's vocie worried everyone. Next they heard the icecream truck tone. They began running toward the sound. "It is the truck that took Cami!" Lilly shouted. The driver of the truck was male. He got out to "refill" the truck with icecream. "I'm going in. I HAVE to save my bestfriend." Cali then dissapeard into the truck.
Inside of the truck was very dark. It had a smell of mold and a bit of dead bodies. Cali heard muffled screams coming from the corner. "Cami? Is that you?" Cali put out her hands to feel for her. "Mmmmmm mmm mmm!" The vocie said. "Im coming for you. Take my hand," Cali called out. She felt the warmness of someones hand and began pull with all she could. But the person wouldnt budge. "Are you stuck?" Cali asked the person. "Mmmm mmm mmm!!!" The person replied back. "I don't understand you!" Cali began walking forward..almost to ther point where she was standing right over the nosie. Her hands the touched something cold and round. "A pole," She whispered to her self. "MMMM!" The vocie said...Cali could understand it a bit better since she was closer and it seemed that she said,"Yes." Cali began feeling around for something that could keep someone hooked to something without getting out. She then felt what felt like handcuffs. "I have nothing to unlock this with!" Cali sighed. "mmm mmm mm mm mmmm mm mmm mmm mmm mmm mmm!" The vocie said. What cali got out of that was,"You,always,have,one,use,it." Cali then felt her hair for her bobbypin. "A bobbypin?" She asked. "Mmmmm" The vocie replied. Cali found the lock of the handcuffs and started to unlock it. She got it unlocked. The girl ripped the duck taspe off of her mouth. "Cali! You saved me!" Cami replied. Then they heard the sound of squeaking metal. "Hes coming back in!" Cami screamed. They did what they could..and jumped out of the door the man was coming into. They ran and ran before the man could catch them.
They ran to the police station and told them everything that happened. The man was found..and sentanced to life in jail. The four girls then convinced Lilly's parents to let her stay in ChestVille. Sadly, they weren't convinced.

Lilly had came back to ChestVille exactly 12 years later. They all were 24 now. Cali had moved away with her husband and two kids. Cami moved away with her little daughter. Ally still lived in the same house as she did 12 years ago. Lilly went to visit her best friend and never left.

The author's comments:
There is an icecream truck that goes around

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