"Distressed Dandelion"

June 24, 2010
By Tashaactress101 SILVER, Wilbraham, Massachusetts
Tashaactress101 SILVER, Wilbraham, Massachusetts
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In a small village in Ohio nearly two hundred years ago a new flower was discovered. A man named Charles spotted the little yellow flower under a bushel of wheat. He was flabbergasted and ran to town to tell everyone of his new discovery. The town was excited and proud of the new discovery. Suddenly, rumors started to spread of who made the discovery and who got credit for it. Towns people grew jealious of one another and wanted to be praised for the new found flower. Men and women alike tried trading crops, money, and even their children for the new flower.

Riots broke out and the town was divided, everyone wanted that new yellow flower. Until one day a mother holding her child set her down only to see her pull the yellow flower from the ground a minute later. As the mother went to grab the flower from her daughter the child ripped the head off from it and threw it. The townspeople looked and hunted for the head of the pretty yellow flower, but were unable to find it. The following year the little yellow flower’s heads began popping up everywhere.
Originating the Dandelion.

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