June 23, 2010
By TheMissCutiePiePrincessx GOLD, Kankakee, Illinois
TheMissCutiePiePrincessx GOLD, Kankakee, Illinois
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"Truth is, everybody in life is going to hurt you, you just gotta find the ones worth suffering for."

My name is Cali and I have a twin sister named Camielle. Cami for short. We live in the city of New York. Both of us have green eyes, and dark,think,long brown hair.
“Are you sure you want to buy that skirt?” I held up the skirt in digust. “No....I was just holdin it up!” Her green eyes fluttered.

It was a nice day in New York. Cami and I were walking along the streets shopping now and then. I saw some black and mexican gangsters ahead. I pulled Cami out of the way. We came closer. “What do ye think your doin on our turf?” A mexican spat at us. “YOUR turf? We are in the middle of a shopping center and a sidewalk. It's not yours!” Cami shot back. “Who put you in charge?” Anthor guy pushed her. “Don't touch my sister!” I stepped forward. “Oh look it's anthor little girl.” The black one rolled his eyes. “Youre calling ME little? I'm 17. What are you guys like 14?” I crossed my arms. “We may be 14 but we sure are alot scarier than you.” I heard someone say. “If you are REAL gangsters then why don't you have swastika or star of david tattoes on you like real ones?” I raised my eyebrows. They made an exasperated face and kept going.

“Cali, how are you so brave?” Cami still looked scared have to death. “I don't know really. It's natral I guess.” I unlocked the front door. We went to our room and unpacked our new items.

“What do you babies want for dinner?” Our Mom came though the door. “Hmm how about cresent rolls and spagatti?” Cami looked at me. “Thats sounds lovley!” My mother clapped her hands and went to the kitchen. “Should we tell her what happened today?” My sister flopped on my bed. “Do we want to worry her? She already has so many things to do.” I stood up. “Maybe later..if we decide to.” Cami bit her lip.
“Dinner Sweeties!” Mom called. We both ran off to the kitchen to eat. We sat down and dug in. “Did you run into any gangs while shopping today?” Mom spun her spahgetti on her plate. “Yeah......” I heard Cami say. “More and more these days.” Mom shook her head. “It's New York, Mom. Gangesters form in large places..busy places.” I buttered my cresent roll. (Later)
Dinner was finished and so were other things.
It was about 11:00 pm and we needed to get to sleep. I was in my favorite pajamas. They were purple with a big heart-shaped peace sign. And the bottoms were orange. Cami was already asleep in her bed. She usually didn't go to sleep so early! I heard my mom shuffle in her slippers to her bedroom. I finished putting my hair in a side ponytail, then everything went black.

I woke up to the smell of something burning. I went straight to conclusions. Fire. I grabbed everything I could and stuffed it into a bookbag. I know your not supposed to do that but I did anyways. Cami had woken up screamin she grabbed her important items, and dashed toward our moms room. We tried to atleast. But the fire had spread to her room already. I felt hottness on my face. I thought it was the fire. I ran out of the house with Cami. Firefighters were already here putting out the fire. I looked over at the sideof the house. There it was. Who and what started the fire. “Cali look it's the gangsters that we saw on the street!” Cami pointed at the kids snickering at the burning house. I walked toward them screaming. “Why did you come and burn down my house?! Don't you have anything better to do?” I crossed my arms. “Since yall were so rude do us on de street we fgured yal must want to be dead. No one screws with us. EVER.” The white one said. “That is no reason for that kind of thing!! What happened to the rest of your group. Now there's a white one, black, and mexican. I'm not racist.” I randomly said. They walked away again. I had a feeling they were to be back.

A few weeks later the fire was ruled as a homocide. My sister and I had to be moved to our Aunts until we turned 18. We had both parents gone forever. We will never forget the day we lost our life. Our one and only mom.

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New Story..Picture is the door to the house

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