My Room

June 8, 2010
By Dyltran BRONZE, Clarkston, Michigan
Dyltran BRONZE, Clarkston, Michigan
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As I lay my head down, heaving out a sigh of relief and exhaustion, I’m glad for my day to be at a close. My eyes sweep across my room, an exact mirror of my lifestyle. Landing first on the wooden anchor hanging by my dresser, then to the desk where I complete my home work, and finally to the snowboard left for another day in the corner. I decide to silently review the day in my mind knowing that I wouldn’t be disturbed by any unexpected guests because I was in my domain. I had decided today was a slow, lazy, haphazard, day. My head fell onto my pillow, as the work from lacrosse started to take its toll on my body. I picked up on the glowing clock numbers digitally carved into the clock face that told me sleeping in the boxed sheets I knew so well was the remedy for my exhaustion. Giving out another sigh, my eyelids slowly drooped closed in a lazy fashion. The quiet gurgle of the pond, the shrill chirp of Spring Peepers, and the slow hum of the fan breathing cool air into the darkly light room entered my mind, filling my being with peace and calm. These sounds I grew so accustomed to sent me into a deep half conscious state before I finally fall asleep in the cocoon custom fitted too my being.

The author's comments:
A simple time in the day that means a lot to me and maybe not as much as others.

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