Red beard

June 8, 2010
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I looked around and all I could see was ice, I was in a cooler bouncing around on a sailboat.- Describing the environment. I am a lemonade bottle, cold and pink and soon to be quenching the thirst of a sailor. Adjective shifted out of order. I believe that everything is here for a reason, and my reason is to make more men less thirsty.-Circle Ending,Figurative Language.

In the cooler, laying, waiting, freezing I listened to the footsteps coming toward the cooler.-Participle. I watched the light peek in as someone opened the cooler.- Action Verb. The first thing I saw was the red beard, and right away I knew it was him. Red beard is the fastest drinker in the world. -Direct Characterization. He is known for his red beard and his purple cowboy hat.-Indirect Characterization. He reached down to grab me. I couldn't believe it, Red beard was actually going to drink me! “ I am so honored” I thought to myself.-Thought shot. I am so happy I'm going to be drunk, so happy Red Beard is going to tickle me with his beard so happy to be out of that cooler.- Repetition for affect. He opened me up and drank me in three seconds! He ended with a good-refreshing-feeling- Hyphenated modifier. He looked around to see if anyone was looking and threw me overboard. Characters actions. And now the good feeling is gone. Waves crashing, fish swimming, I sink to the bottom of the ocean. Absolute. But before I hit the bottom I see bubbles coming from my lid, I see coral reefs sprouted from the ocean floor, and right before I hit the bottom a octopus swim right in front of me and BOOM I hit the bottom, Expanded moment, Onomatopoeia. Less then three minutes ago I was honored to be chosen by this guy, but now I hate him.

But there is nothing I can do about it now and like I said I believe everything is here for a reason. And my reason was to quench the thirst of a thirsty sailor. So I did my deed and now its time to go.

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