Life is hard

May 24, 2010
There she is, age 7

No mom, no dad. Dads in jail for killing mom. She sits on the curb watching all the other little kids her age play and run around. Then she looks down the street and sees the other little girls walking with their moms and she cries.

She lives with her grandma who is a drunk. She goes to school and that's the only place where she feels safe. She has no life, no friends and no family. She looks at her school books and she feels happy.

Every night she sits in her room and hides. She wake up 4 to 5 times a night with nightmares about her mom. She walk's out to the front of the house and sees that her randma is passed out on the couch while watching TV.

Now shes 16

Dads out of jail, she's out of grandmas. She now lives alone and She's happier than ever. She has a boyfriend and she's by her self with no drunk people, there's just one little problem... She's pregnant. She hasn't told anyone, she's to scared. She hasn't even told the dad. Its been two months and she's dropped out of school. She's trying to find a job, but no one will hire her because she's 16.

7 months later she's in the hospital. She just had the baby. The dad still doesn't know he's a father. She's laying in bed trying to figure out what she's going to do. She doesn't have the money to support the child.

She's now at home, she has the adoption papers and she's putting her baby girl up for adoption. She thinks that her baby will be better off.

3 days later her baby is gone. The government has taken her away because they think she wasn't a good mother. She sitting on the couch crying.

2 years go by and she's pregnant again. This time she try's her hardest to get a job and then she finally succeeded. She's got a job at at diner washing dishes. Nine months later she had a new baby boy named Tyler. She is now 21 and when she walked out of the hospital there was her dad, standing there and he wasn't like he was 10 years ago.

He has cleaned up and now he has a real job and a real house. He has remarried and he couldn't be happier, but he could. He could. He could be happier if he had his daughter back. He takes her back to his house. She sits on the couch with Tyler as her dad goes to get his wife.

She is a very nice person. She's just like her mother was. That's why her dad married her.

She sells her house and moves in with her dad and his wife. She has her own little are of the house all to herself. She likes living her that way she can have help with Tyler and that was her dad and stepmom can watch Tyler whiles she goes to school. She now goes to the community college. She counldn't be happier. To her she has the most perfect life she could possibly want.

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