living nightmare

June 3, 2010
By unknownwriter BRONZE, Mattawan, Michigan
unknownwriter BRONZE, Mattawan, Michigan
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My words i an artists paint and there brush is my pen

Standing in the trench the sound of bullets blasting by and skipping on the dirty holding there own a brave few would hold there gun up to shot but they over powered us while I sat in the the death trench we call covering fire holding are guns fingers itching and waiting to pull and end life but I just can find it in me I am taken hostage and held in a small dark room and having a gun held up to me I must plead for my dear life and for the sake of my family. But they could care less. all they want is money and power and they will do any thing to get it. I am mere pawn on a fast chest bored I am expendable in my mind I plead for my child, my wife, my, mother, father, my brothers, and sisters,. Siting the globing on the floor and crying. “i whispered please oh please don't kill me I have a wife and kids “. But once again my cries feel on deaf ears. Starting to cry again I heard a “Shut, it or we shoot You right hear and now”. And I believed it just then I heard a click of a gun. My life flashed be for my very eyes all the people I know all the people I have lived for but then I wasn't me that got shot it was one of the kid nappers. Held by the blind fouled I was unable to see much more then that. Then I heard a deep and kind voice say “your safe now “ then my breath fell out of my mouth and once again I saw the sparking eyes of my loved ones.

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please tell me how i did im sorry for spelling

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