The Musical

June 3, 2010
By Anonymous

“Sara!” Someone yelled from behind me. I turned around while closing my locker.

“Hey!” Megan said.

“Oh hey,” I said

“Are you going to audition for the school musical?” Megan asked.

“Uhh, I don’t know,” I said, unsure.

“Why? It would be so fun!” Megan said as we started walking to our 3rd hour together, talking about the musical, and laughing about nothing.(Magic Three)
As we walked into Home Ec my favorite class, which smelled like brownies, Mrs. Ludwig had the radio on and the sun was shining through the windows. (Specific Details for Effect) That’s when I noticed posters for the play and the sign up sheet that already had my name on it, already been written clear as day, already been signed up as of last week.(Repetition for Effect)
            “WHO DID THIS?” I thought angrily.
            I looked over at Megan like-what-the-heck-why-did-you-do-this look?( Hyphenated Modifier)
I couldn’t believe this, the auditions were soon!
~After Class~
            “Sara, I’m so sorry I know I shouldn’t have signed your name but you can sing and act so well!” Megan said.
            “Don’t worry, it’s fine, I’ve decided to audition!” I said as I shivered and walked to my locker(Participle)
            “Great!” Megan said, “The auditions are in like 3 days.”
            “Okay then, I’ll be prepared.” I said.  Hands sweating, heart pounding I grabbed a flyer to show my mom.(Absolute)

The rest of the day flew by and I stepped on the bus, yellow and big, and rode the long ride to get to my home.(Appositive)
            “Hey, Mom,” I said once I got home. “I’m going to be trying out for the school musical Footloose.”
            “That sounds great honey; I know how much you love to sing and act!” my mom said.
            “Yeah, that’s what Megan said too,” I agreed.
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Day of Auditions~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
            “I’m really nervous, Megan!” I say walking in to the auditorium for auditions.
            “Don’t worry, you’ll be fine,” Megan assures me, “Don’t be so afraid!” she says confidently.
            “I guess,” I reply, not so sure. Before I know it my name gets called up to read the script then sing. I start reading; I put as much emotion into it as possible then sing a short part of a song for the lead part. Before I know it I’m done and did pretty good.
            “Great!” said a girl with a blue shirt and black dress pants.  

I climb off the stage and I sat next to Megan. Megan then went, and did wonderful.(Action Verbs) Then all we could do was wait for them to post the cast listings. We both tried out for the lead, even though it seemed like I didn’t care if I got the part or not, I secretly did.(Thoughts/Feelings) The next day as I walk up to the school, where the teachers are, printing out homework and yelling if something doesn’t go their way. That’s what I feel about school!(Adjectives Shifted out of order)
            A giant mass of people are crowding around the cast sheet to see who made it, I look to the lead and it says in big black letters “Megan Wright,” I instantly back up, my heart is pounding hard, my eyes are watering, and I look down at my brown Aeropostale shirt and blue jeans.
            “Oh, sorry,” said a girl behind me, who I had accidentally run into, “What part did you get?” said the girl named Isabella.
            “Ummm, I’m not sure,” I say realizing I forgot to look for my name.

Isabella goes to look.
            “Oh, you’re Rusty!” she says with excitement. “It’s just about one of the main parts,” she says pointing. I look up to see my name in big black letters: Sara Johnson. I nod and smile.
            “What part did you get?” I ask.

“I’m just helping with the set”, Isabella says, “I really like to paint,” she mumbles as she looks down.(How others react)
            “I guess, I’ll see you around then!” I say as I start to walk away. At least I got one of the main parts, I thought.( Speech)
            Later at rehearsal, I tell Megan congratulations and tell her the part that I got. She told me Rusty is a good part. Everyone is in a group talking about the parts they got, the dark green seats have almost no one sitting in them.(Environment)The auditorium lights turn off and Mrs. August starts talking, wearing a blue shirt once again.
            “Guys, in the sound room,” she said, “Turn, the lights back on!” she yelled.
I get up to spit out my gum, since I don't want to get in trouble and we're really not supposed to have gum in the auditorium(Character in Action)
            “This year’s musical, will be the best yet!!” Mrs. August said.

The next day I walk into Home Ec which smelled like brownies and the sun was shining through the windows and I smile and think what a great life!

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