June 2, 2010
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Silence. Waiting. Eyes intent. Ears pricked, tuned into every single sound. Listening... her tail twitching in impatience. I watched all this, and I knew what this hungry cat wanted, what she wanted me to do. I slowly stood up, eying my frozen cat, who was staring at her empty food bowl intensely. Nearing the cupboard by the sink, I lowered to grab the food bag. She was looking at me now, with a serious look on her face, seeming like she was thinking “do it.” My fingers curled around the top of the bulging food bag. I could see my reflection in the silver Purina label. I was sweating. I gulped and lifted the bag swiftly to the counter with a few pieces of food crumpling to the floor. Then, it happened.
Daisy's pupils grew to the size of full moons as she leaped into the air and let out a 'Mrrrrrrroooowwww!' of hunger. Her black and white fur flowed like water as she bounded around the kitchen.

“Food, food, food, food, food!” I could tell she was thinking, the whites of her green-gold eyes showing in the insanity of her hunger. I couldn't help but grin. I lifted her food bowl into the air and to the counter, the pottery dish clinking as solid met solid.

“Oh, yes yes yes!” was what Daisy was thinking, an 'obvious' by her expression. Suddenly, the door bell rang, and I set the purple food bag down. Daisy's face immediately fell.

“No no no!” you could tell she was screaming in her kitty brain. “What are you doing, you 'good-for-nothing' slave?!”

“One minute, Ms. Daisy, I'm just getting the door,” I sighed, unlocking the door and opening it to reveal my friend's cheery face. Daisy narrowed her small eyes and flattened her pointy ears. I let my friend, Alyssa, come in and we began to laugh and joke around about an American Girl Doll magazine, giving the dolls mustaches and heavy make-up with Sharpies. We were having a glorious time, but Daisy was not. She “Mrrrrooooowwwwww!”-ed and padded about with a frustrated, hungry look, but I was totally oblivious of her attempts to remind me about the food sitting in her dish on the counter, where poor little Daisy could not reach. She rubbed at my legs, but I gently tapped her away with my foot, and when my friend brought up Guitar Hero, we were down in the basement playing Wii, rocking to AC/DC. Daisy's tail lowered, whiskers sagged, ears layed down, and legs buckled. She plopped to the floor and sighed.

“So...hungry,” thought Daisy, looking up to the counter to just see the top of the purple food bag, sitting there, mocking her. She could almost swear that the wrinkles in the purple plastic formed a laughing face. Daisy growled,and paced around angrily, right, left, right, left, right, left. Daisy thought for a moment, and realized what she must do. She eyed the top of the counter, lifted her rear high in the air, and pounced high and mighty. Her fur whisked around her, her tail pointed back for balance, her face erect.

“So close, so close!” her mind screamed. She could see Heaven's light shining down on her humble food bowl as angels began to sing with joy. All of a sudden, reality struck her right in the face, similar to the way the counter did. She collided right into the counter, flipping back to the carpet below with a “Yeeooowwwwlllll!” Embarrassment overwhelmed her, although no one but the other cat, Tigger, saw, even though Tigger was seventeen, and fast asleep.

“The...the light and singing distracted me, Heaven above,” she thought, shaking herself clean of embarrassment, although it still clung in the crevices of her mind. Suddenly, pounding was heard. She fluffed up at first, but then noticed that they were footsteps....thump ka thump, ka thump....up the basement stairs! I walked into the kitchen with a yawn, needing to relax from the plastic guitar simulation game, and grabbed two cans of Coke for me and Alyssa. As I turned to go, I noticed Daisy's food bowl sitting on the counter still. , Looking down, my eyes locked on Daisy's. Her thoughts were clear, and obviously 'please?' I smiled and set the bowl down for her. Her face lit up as she yowled for joy and scarfed the entire bowl down, crumbs and all. She burped and looked up at me, her eyes thin and upset. Her belly was bulging more than it usually does. She sniffed, and I could tell what her thoughts now were:

“No more, please! I'm stuffed!”

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