Merely Wishing

June 6, 2010
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Sitting watching the stars merely shimmer through my window is my favorite thing to do. They seem so close but yet they are so far away. Just like you. I lean closer as if it helps my view. I sigh and spin around once in my chair. Why can’t you be here? I think to myself. Like my room my life seems so empty without you. I look back out my window, another dark starry night. I smile. A light shoots by and I gasp and shut my eyes hard. As if it seals the wish.

“I wish he were here.” I say with the most sincerity I can muster. It’s true. His shaggy brown hair and half smile. I hug my legs to my chest. The wind blows my curtains and sends a chill down my spine. I back up and prop my feet on the window’s edge. I have another cold chill and it makes me think of my best friend. I laugh quietly to myself and hear a familiar laugh faintly behind me. There is no way.

“Must be my imagination.” I mutter to myself wishing so bad it wasn’t true. I wish he was here, obnoxious or not. I would want him with me. A warm face presses against my neck and a laugh shakes my shoulder. I hold my breathe to keep from screaming. Something nags at me to relax. Could it have happened?

“Then you have a great imagination.” His warm breath blows in my ear. I gulp and notice how hard my heart is pounding now. I tell myself to just turn around and look at him. I just can’t bring myself to do it. The warm face pulls back and I sigh. Another chuckle. My chair starts rolling backwards and I close my eyes. The chair spins.

“Open your eyes.” His voice coaxes and I obey unwillingly. I peer through my eyelashes and there his face is. A smile egging me on. I blush and shake my head. How? “I drove here, you dummy.” he says reading my mind. His milky brown eyes hide in the dark but I still see the shine in them. Suddenly I can’t help myself. I launch out of the chair and attack him with a hug. He smells so good. A scent that lures me into safety.

“I missed you…” I say trailing off into his chest. Another laugh rumbles through and makes my head bob. I laugh as well. He kisses the top of my head making my face set fire.

“I missed you as well…” he murmurs in my hair.

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