Cassies Scandle

June 3, 2010
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After a week at her new school, Palmdale High School, Cassie noitced there were a lot of girls talking about sex or who they have had sex with. She felt as if she needed to come ip with something to make herself seem cool and more like them. In Cassies English class she meets a girl name Rebecca and a boy name Ryan she was really fond of. After the first couple weeks people other than Rebecca and Ryan think she is a complete nerd. Cassie was not liking being thought of as a nerd because she likes to be the popular one. A few days later Cassie finally comes up with a lie so great she couldnt wait for other people to hear it. While in her third period Cassie goes up to Melissa, a popular girl. Cassie tells Melissa the reason she had to come to Palmdale was because she got exspelled for having a sexual incounter with a boy in the boys locker room. After telling her, she ofcourse went around telling everybody what they found out. Cassie does manage to hangout and be concidered a popular girl. Two months after the whole school knowing Cassies "secrate" Cassie starts dating Ryan. One night Ryan invites Cassie to his house for dinner. Ryan picks Cassie up from her house that friday night and drives back to his house. What Cassie didnt know was Ryan's parents were not home and he was looking to have a sexual experience with her. Ryan brings out the food he has prepared. " Where are your parents?" CAssie asks. " They are out of town for the weekend, which means we have the house to ourselves." Ryan replies. "oh how nice" Cassie says in confusion on Ryans meaning behind it. After dinner Ryan and Cassie sat down on his couch and turn on a movie. Cassie cuddles up against Ryan. Ryan thinks Cassie has the same intentions as himself for their night. Ryan puts his hand on Cassies knee, her not thinking anything of it. A half an hour goes by and Ryan starts to move his hand farther and farther up her skirt. Cassie finally gets the hit Ryan wants to do a lot more than cuddle. She also remembers he is still under the inpression she was not a virgin. Cassie quickly gets up and turns to Ryan. " Ryan i need to tell you something." Cassie says very hesitantly. " What is it sweetheart?" Ryan replies. " I dont know how you are going to take this but I'm just going to come out with it. I never had sex with a boy at my old school. In fact, i've never had sex period." she says with her eyes closed. Ryan fills with anger. " Why would you lie to me? why didnt you just tell me the truth? You know you should be able to tell me anything!" Ryan yells. Ryan goes upstairs to cool down. Cassie waits down stairs for almost an hour. Just as she was about to call her mom to pick her up Ryan comes down stairs. "Cassie will you please sit down? Ryan asked. Cassie and Ryan both sit on the couch. " I'm sorry for how I reacted. that was out of line for me to do that. I just wish you would have told me this. I would not have though any different of you." he pleeded. " I know I should have told you, I was just scared you would break up with me." Cassie explained. " I love you to much to have something like this be the cause of our break up. Do you forgive me?" Ryan asks " Of course, can you forgive me?" cassie asks in return. " I already have." Ryan says. The following Monday, Cassie told the whole school what she had said was a lie and she is still a virgin. Ryan and Cassie date all through high school.

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