The Imagination

May 27, 2010
By rockergrl47 BRONZE, Mattawan, Michigan
rockergrl47 BRONZE, Mattawan, Michigan
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It's all about the beat

“Imagine if you could touch a rainbow, or float on a cloud! I would stay up there all day long!” Jonah shouted.-words spoken by character.

“You have always had quite the imagination, Jonah,” his mom told him.-words spoken by other.

“Yes, but life would be too boring with out an imagination,” Jonah explained.

“You're right Jonah, but we have to be heading home for dinner,” she explained to him as they started to walk home.

After dinner Jonah went up to his room to play in his fort. In his fort he pretended he was a mighty king! People bowed down to his feet, and was called King Jonah! Jonah went there every second he had. That was where Jonah felt safe, and that's why he loved that fort so much!

Jonah is an only child who is seven years old. He loves jumping up and down in the sun making his brown hair flow and his blue eyes sparkle .-appearance. He lives in down town New York city where danger is everywhere, there is too much pollution, and not enough plants.-environment. Although he lives here, he never cares about that kind of stuff. Jonah focuses more on the beautiful rainbows and the puffy clouds, and even the elegant fish swimming in the nearby lake.

Ruling his mini kingdom, running to catch the school bus, and racing back to his fort, Jonah has a long day.-magic 3.

One night, everyone was sound asleep except for Jonah. Jonah had just turned out the lights when he heard a bang!-onomatopoeia. He heard the front door yawn as it opened.-personification. Jonah was so scared and had to think quickly. He started to get his sheet off his bed, he put holes in the corners and put two of the sticks from his fort through the sheet. He then took a rope from his closet and tied it to the sticks. Finally, he threw the rope over the pipe on his ceiling.-action. He had the, I'm-so-determined look.-hyphenated modifier. Jonah was as smart as Albert Einstein.-figurative language.

As soon as the mysterious people came in his room they walked right on the sheet and Jonah pulled on the rope as hard as he could causing the people to be trapped for a short time.

I did it! Jonah thought to himself.-thoughts.

The voices were thunder as they yelled.-metaphor. Panicking, yelling and squirming, the people were freaking out.-participle

Jonah, joyful and proud, finally shouted,”Who are you?”-adjectives shifted out of order.

“Your Uncle! I just returned from Russia and came here to see your mom and my friend here, came with me!”-action verb

“Oh, I'm sorry I thought you were a robber so I made this trap,” Jonah whispered.

“You made this yourself? In the time it took me just to get upstairs?”

“Yes I did, but I ruined my kingdom.”

“Well, how about you let me down and tomorrow we will build the best kingdom in the world”

“Ok!” Jonah exclaimed.

The uncle, who is not a robber, then was let down and they both went to sleep.-appositive. Hands shaking, feet trembling, Jonah had been very scared and now they are fine and everything is great.-absolute. I guess they should just bury the hatchet.-idiom.

The next day they both tried to stay away from last night, away from the trap, and away from the holes in the sheets.-repetition for effect.

In the morning Jonah's mom was wearing her pink and blue flowered apron and she was making yellow scrambled eggs with toast almost burnt, and skim milk. She was humming along with an old 70's tune that was on the radio. I could tell what she was making from upstairs by the smell. The eggs were so good, I had seconds of everything, and the toast was hard and crunchy under my fingers just the way I like it.-expanded moment

Later in the afternoon, Jonah and his uncle rebuilt the fort. It was twice as tall and covered his entire room. This time it wasn't with blankets it was with gold painted cardboard. They made him a staff and a throne and Jonah was a very happy boy. It smelled like new paint and with the window open the breeze brushed by him. The door still creeks when someone opens it but Jonah thinks ti's cool. Also he has a tiny little plate of food up there everyday from his mom, that he says are the best foods he has ever had! He is so happy his uncle helped him!-specific details for effect.

Jonah was a little seven year old boy who imagined touching rainbows and floating on clouds. He wanted to rule his kingdom and have fun, he loved his life and he still does.

Now Jonah is 24 years old and is working for a writing company. He writes books and illustrates them also. He never runs out of ideas so I think that he will have the perfect life that he has always wanted.-full circle ending.

Jonah may be grown up now but at night he is still a king touching rainbows and gloating on top of the big puffy clouds!

The author's comments:
This was inspired by the movie called, "Where the wild things are" With a boy with a wide imagination!

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