Away from Home

May 24, 2010
By sylashley BRONZE, Seymour, Indiana
sylashley BRONZE, Seymour, Indiana
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“Thank you, Aunt Julie, I would have never made it without you,” says Aunt Julie.

“It was my pleasure. I am so sad that you are moving away from us,” replied Aunt Julie.

“I have to leave sometime,” Hannah smiled, a wide grin. As she thinks about how she would have never graduated high school if her aunt had not been there for her. She thought back to the day when she first moved in with her aunt.

Sobbing, she grabbed her phone and ran as quickly as she could out the door of her home. She ran as far as she could so she could get away from her mother. Her mother didn’t love her. She never had loved her; she was over her constantly being around and just wanted her gone. Hannah called the first person she knew loved her and that she could trust, her Aunt Julie.

“Aunt Julie, can you pick me up at Shell gas station by my house? My mom kicked me out of the house,” wept Hannah.

“Yes, honey. What happened? Why are you crying?” inquired Aunt Julie.

“I will explain when you get here. Please hurry,” whimpered Hannah.

Ok, I will be there in five minutes, bye,” said Aunt Julie.
Her aunt picked her up and Hannah explained the situation on the way to her aunt’s home.

“What happened?” asked Aunt Julie.

“Mom was yelling at me, telling me to leave and never come back. She told me she never wanted to see my face again,” sniffled Hannah.

“Oh honey it’s ok, you can live with me. I have a spare room and everything will be fine,” said Aunt Julie hugging her.

“Thank you. How can I every repay you,” said Hannah.

“It’s no problem. I will always be there for you,” said Aunt Julie.
Hannah had always been close with her cousins, so she had no problem adjusting to her new way of life. She had lived with her aunt and her family for three years and now she was packing ready to leave for college.

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