May 21, 2010
The scene of the crime was surrounded by sullen faces. The calm of the night was disrupted with unimaginable tragedy. The stench of gas and burnt rubber permeated the streets. Two massive chunks of twisted metal were unrecognizable as cars. The windows were shattered and only the rims on the tires were left. The severity of the crash made it look impossible to survive. A drunken man learns his lesson when he tragically gets into a fatal car crash.

The driver of one of the totaled cars staggered onto the side of the road, coughing. The glossy stare and blood-shot eyes showed that the driver was not completely coherent. Dark red blood dripped from his broken nose. Tears blinded him as he stumbled to the ground. The smell of beer seethed from his pursed mouth. The man was still clutching a vodka bottle, wrapped in a brown lunch bag. Drunken and oblivious, the man was at a loss for words.

Sparking ruby red flares bordered the curved road to the demolished vehicles. Flashing red, blue, and white lights from the ambulance lit up the dark of the night. Silver shards of metal lay across the street. Shiny cherry red helmets glistened in the dark as the firefighters ran on the scene.

Troubled firefighters charged to get the powerless victim out of the vehicle with the Jaws of Life. The huge razor-sharp blade and unbearable whine of the tool set everyone on edge. The sparks of the blade threatened to set the destruction aflame. Time seemed to stop as the grave paramedics pulled the motionless body from the wreckage.

As the man’s confusion clears, he realizes that he took another person’s life. He starts to weep and apologize profusely. The weary guy regurgitates on the side of the road and blacks out. As the man starts to wake up, he once again realizes what he did and moans in sheer pain. His agonizing pleas for forgiveness go unheard.

Heavy tears flooded the somber faces of onlookers. Policemen, Fire fighters, and Paramedics looked on helplessly. The cool crisp night air was thick with grief. Blaring sirens silenced the screams of the victims’ distraught family members. Distressed policemen tried to control the hysteria of the family. The family members stood motionless in their sorrow. Time froze, and they couldn’t fathom the loss of their loved one. Heartache and despair smothered them as they left the scene. Paramedics place the lifeless victim into a black body bag. The ambulance hushed as the body was transferred into it. The word involuntary manslaughter hung in the air. Accusing fingers pointed to the driver of the second car. No pity was show for the intoxicated man. Polished silver handcuffs laced the assailants’ wrists. Ominous stares of bystanders followed the exit of the high-pitched police cars.

Broken glass and dried crimson blood paved the road. The anguished echoes of the family still hung in the air. Onlookers slowly retreated back to cozy lives. Pouring rain threatened to wash away any evidence of the accident.

The devastated family of the drunken man was gravely upset about what he did. The torn relatives have lost a member of their kin as well, to the court systems. The accident not only ruined the lives of the man but the lives of his innocent family members and the lives of the victims’ family members. The intoxicated man was sentenced to life in prison.

The concerned police officials have passed a strict law, imprisoning anyone who exceeds the legal drinking limit. Members of the community agree with this law and are glad to have it. The loss of one life changed a community for the better.

As seasons passed the only reminder of the lost life was a small memorial to the side of the scene of the crime. A wooden white cross surrounded with beautiful scarlet roses and golden yellow sun flowers displayed beside the road. A sense of loss and sadness encircles whoever happens to pass by.

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