The Actress

May 28, 2010
She walks silently into the classroom, a smile on her face. Always a smile. Her beautiful chestnut hair is twisted into a long, elaborate pony tail, and her jeans are new.
She is kind, and happy. She never says a bad word about anyone. That, of course, is her job.
She laughs for the camera, in her sparkly new dress, showing off her newest beau, and shaking loose her lengthy blond tresses. Her latest movie is coming out next week, and it is going too be her biggest yet!
She is holding her family together by the threads, barely managing since her mother died. Since then, she's dropped out of high school, taken up a job in a book store. Her father drinks at night, and she thinks her brother is on drugs. Does she tell anyone? Does anyone even think to ask?
No. She dresses well, smiles happily, and all is well. No one knows shat she has been through. She doesn't want them to.
She is the Actress.

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LastChapter said...
Dec. 16, 2010 at 9:03 pm
i liked it, even though it confuses me. i get the relation that the brunette has to keep a smiling face so as to not worry anyone about her problems, but who is the blonde movie star? that character just came totally out of nowhere for me, and kind of threw me off. unless you were comparing the actress to the brunette, i don't understand the connection. however, it is well written, but maybe you could clear that up for me? please comment on my work:)
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