The best things he could have ever had...

May 16, 2010
By AMB3R BRONZE, Lake Charles, Louisiana
AMB3R BRONZE, Lake Charles, Louisiana
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My heart only beat for one person. His name was Sam. I loved him more than life itself but the day I saw him with Jessica, My heart broke. I asked him why he was hugging her and all he said was “We are just friends” I mean would you believe that. I just wanted him to love me and nobody else. So, I guess I didn’t have enough to make him happy so he got Jessica to help out. I told him that it was either me or her. His reply was “I’m sorry but I like Jessica too much to let her go.” I just walked away and started to cry.

About two weeks I found out something that I wish I hadn’t. I was pregnant and when I told Sam he said “You were sleeping around and I’m positive it’s not mine.” I know I didn’t like Sam but now that he said that I was sleeping around and the baby wasn’t his made me hate him.

Seven Months later I gave birth to a baby boy, Aiden. Out of nowhere he came into my room. I looked at him and then looked at Aiden. “Hey Amber,” I didn’t answer and he asked “Can I see the baby?” I knew that he had to see him so I nodded. He walked on the side of my bed. “Hey buddy,” I wanted to smile but I held it in. “Does he have a name?” I nodded and answered “His name is Aiden Samuel Henson” Sam looked at me. Sam’s last name is Leblanc and mine is Henson “You gave him my name as his middle name but not my last name?” I looked at him “You denied him but I wanted him to have some part of you but I want him to know we don’t need you” He got so p***ed and left.

Aiden was 6 years old and I was married to my high school best friend, Cody Wyatt. Sam comes to get Aiden 2 weekends out of the month. One day that I’ll never forget is when Aiden called Cody “Daddy,” That made Cody feel so special and made Sam feel like a distant relative to Aiden. A distant relative that had lost the best things that could have had……

The author's comments:
I had a dream of this one day and I thought it would make a great short story.

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