best friends til the end . . . why is the end so soon (part one)

May 13, 2010
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on the day that it started was your basic decription of the worst word to so call be in my school . . . a nerd. i had the preppy bun, black glasses, and a IQ probally bigger than most kinds at my school could count. Everyday i was called names, taunted, even shoved around a bit. But i kept on going on everyday always telling myself it would get better or that my life would be better than theirs, i eventually was saying everything i could think of to get rid of their echoing voices in my heads. One day it was gym class and one of the other 'cooler' kids messed up they kicked on purpose saying " they were trying to hit the soccer ball" that was five feet away. it was just another average thing but that day i was wearing short and for the rest of the day where she kicked me slowly became a big purplish bruise. that day i was walking home with my friend she pointed out the bruise so i told her everything that has been going on. she told me i had to just ignore them it would enventually get better it had to. i diddnt believe her one bit; so instead of following her addive and stay and plain-old-nerdy-me i changed everything. i ordered contacts, i went to a hairstylist to get layers,i got my second earing hole, and i went to a tanning place and got a fake tan. when my contacts came in the mail my mom just looked at we with a troubled look, like a wasnt her little girl any more, like a was one of the girls she would never ever even trust in the same room as her purse. but i ignored her look, i just thought to myself "she's just over reacting" then the next day i came into school in a brand new yellow sundress, brand new yellow and brown flip flops, i had my layers out of their bun, my tan shining bright, my nails painted white with sunflowes on them, and most of all my classic nerd glasses were replaced with the clear deisgned contacts. when my best friend saw me she didnt reconise me, she just pushed on like i wasnt anyone she cared about. i called her name but she just kept on walking. by lunch i had a new 'crew' my new bf was melissa, the most popular girl in the school, and i had my first boyfriend. then when i finally got away from everyone i made it to my locker. i opened it and found a letter and a compact mirror on the shelve. i picked it up and read it quietly to myself "emilia what has gotton into you, we didnt talk at lunch because you were hanging out with the evil ones the people have made fun of you since you joined this school. well emilia its pretty simple if you dont meet me at the park tonight at six then i no who you want to be . . . not the kind emilia who was open to new ideas and was open to being friends with everyone but the new strange emilia who only cares about helping herself and being on top. if you dont show up this will probally be the last time you ever hear from me. but please do yourself a favor and look into the mirror i gave you it will save you the deision" i let out a couple tears i couldnt bear the pain she was putting on me why couldnt my new riends get along with my old ones. as i went to pick up the mirror my new boyfriend snuck up behind me and kissed my neck affectionatilly. as he put on had around my waist and shut my locker he whispered to me " lets hang out today i want to show you this place just outside the town a little its not too far come on." i eventually agreed not wanting to lose that one living being that actually likes me. we walked away from my locker slowly . . . the note and the mirror that changed my life just sitting there on the school floor . . . if i was still my old self they would probally be being me to pick them up and actually try to understand what they were trying to tell me.

to be continued . . .

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