May 4, 2010
The day has come. This day every high school graduate dreams about has finally arrived; this is the day that I move out!
My overloaded teal leather bags were sitting by the door just waiting to be taken out to the car before the jeans, shirts, and undergarments broke loose. The day was a glossy May filled with sunshine; flower aromas tickled my nose when I would take in a big breath of fresh air. I was standing outside just taking it all in when my dad came up from behind me and startled me.

“Are you ready to go to your house kiddo?” he asked.

“Oh I guess so,” was all I could mumble.

The bags were heaved out the door, down the stairs and across our sidewalk. Looking back in disbelief I started to think of all the times I had here. The time when my sister was trying to teach me how to ride a bike and every time her knuckled white hands would leave the pink handle bars my whole body would shake and I eventually fell over a few feet in front of her. She would just laugh and run over to help me try again. Thinking of her made me remember all the times I would copy what she did and try to look just like her. If she put her hair in curlers then I would too, and when she went to a dance that I couldn’t go to I would watch in awe as her and mom doctored and dressed her up for the night to come. Those are the days I wish I could go back to, where everything was simple and the worst thing that could ever happen to you would be to fall off your bike or not get to go to a dance with your sister.

“Off we go,” Dad yelled out to me as the truck thundered to life.

The corn fields ran by as I pictured giant men sprinting to catch up but always having to stop at the end of each field. The sun glistened on the window shield sending heat through my whole body; but maybe it wasn’t the sun making me hot; it was the fact that I would no longer be living here.

The chipped tan house with bushes on each side of the entrance was mesmerizing as it just stared back at me. The jungle surrounding the house was the first to go as Shawn, Shaunna’s dad, dragged out the lawnmower. The loud growling, gurgling noise filled the house; Shaunna and I mixed it with some love songs to try to tune it out. Box after box was being discovered as we went through each one finding everything from old blue jeans that haven’t been worn in years to our favorite candle. The house was bare and plain; the only room in the house that had something in it was the kitchen. The treasures we found started to flood the house like the first hint of light after a bad storm. Our dads found us surrounded by pictures scattered all over the floor and us in the middle sobbing, laughing and steaming. Our eyes were blood-shot and our chests turned a bright red as we sat there talking about all the memories that we’re shared, the memories that would be hung up all around our house for everyone to see.

We were sitting there for what seemed just a few hours but all of a sudden it was seven at night! Finally the house was filled, our boxes were empty and our house looked like our home. The living room was dark tan matching the furniture that my parents provided; the TV sat in the corner with stacks of movies all around. Pictures and pictures were hanging all around from every wall in all angles. Our rooms were right across the hallway from one another and they were both a light green with a tan strip right in the middle going all the way around. Shaunna’s bed was in a corner with a night stand right beside, the dresser mingled along the opposite wall, her TV was at the foot of the bed just waiting to be turned on and facing the TV was her closet overflowing with clothes. My room consisted of the bed by the window that overlooked the road, the nightstand stood right beside with all my little knickknacks atop, the dresser was opposite my bed with every drawer open, my smaller dresser stood right beside all neat and in order and my closet was stuffed full with clothes that haven’t been worn in awhile.
After unpacking, the couch looked like heaven just sitting in our new living room calling our names. Plopping down, putting our feet up and turning on the TV was the only thing we could think of until Shaunna’s side vibrated. Startled, I put the TV on mute; Shaunna got her phone out and answered.

“Hello,” Shaunna answered.

“Hey girlies! How was moving day?”

It was Megan, our friend from Omaha that used to go to school with us. She was calling to make sure everything went smooth.

“Oh it was great! We went through everything and had plenty of tears but that’s what it’s all about,” Shaunna said.

“Yeah I know how that goes. So are you guys going to have a party tonight or what! Cause it’s not like you’re doing anything tomorrow you know?”

Shaunna and I slowly turned our heads towards one another in unison and our eyes just lit up with an idea.

“Great idea Megan! Why didn’t we think of that?!?!” Shaunna excitedly spilled out.

“Who should be invited?” I asked.

Shaunna’s phone started to shake but it wasn’t from a call; it was from Megan talking to loud about what we should do and who we should invite. Chests pounding we started to make calls. Yes, what time, and where were the only answers that we got that hour. Eight o’ clock was our answer and at our new house was the other. Looking up at the clock put a huge brick in my gut, 7:34.

“We have to hurry, and hurry now!” I shrieked.

There was a flash of tan then all of a sudden I was being dragged to the bathroom. The light green walls were a blur as we threw on our makeup nearly spilling everything in our paths. Foundation, check. Bronzer, check check. Blush little check. Eye make-up to make the guys drool, triple check. Hair, disaster!

“Grab the curling iron,” was the only thing that Shaunna could force out of her red glossy lips.

Curling iron, CHECK! Plugging it in I remember the cabinets were emptier than a lake in the middle of the dessert!

“We have to run to the store!” I reminded her.

The evil reminder of time told us it was 7:53. Grabbing the keys we hurtled our way across the room. This reminded me of track when I would sprint and try to run over a hurtle. The black and white chipped paint would leave marks of kids before, attempting yet never succeeding. The tan checkered foot lounge was waiting there for me to take flight. Eyes clenched, not thinking, and still achieving sent a thrill of butterflies through my nervous stomach.
Arriving at Wal-Mart we seemed to get the parking spot farthest away from the door, we had to squint to see which one was closer. We sprinted to the doors, grabbed the closest cart not even checking to see if it was in use, grabbed a bunch of munchies, paid, and then headed out the door. Red lights emerged out of no where and we were stuck like some fly in a spiders web. Home was spotted and cars were parked all around; our lawn was filled with people like at some concert. Everyone was there to see us, the two girls that just showed up late to their own party.
When I tried to unlock the door the key seemed to big for the hole; it was as if I was trying to shove a brick into a mouse’s mouth! After that little problem everyone stormed in like flies on a dead animal. Music was filling the air, spinning bits of blonde, brunette, red, and black hair filled the open space. Laughter was everywhere as guys tried to get with this girl and that girl; it was junior high all over again, but this wasn’t junior high it was something a lot different. Everything was great at the beginning then all of a sudden everything changed and got way out of hand!

Gray clouds fill the air while the aroma surrounded me, then all of a sudden gasps of air come from within and I start to cough. The alcohol flowed everywhere, looking around at all the filled cups being emptied I started to notice a throbbing in my head. A voice trickled through the crowd but I would recognize that voice anywhere, Allen, my ex boyfriend. The throbbing increased as I spotted him headed downstairs with a few of his buddies. His dirty blonde hair disappeared behind the door along with his voice, but the words he used to say to me kept repeating over and over again in my mind. Blackness creped around me sending a ringing through my ears, looking around I finally realized where I was once again, but now I felt something hot and sweaty on my arm.

“Oh my goodness!” I screamed as I took back my arm in astonishment.

“Don’t worry it’s just me,” Shaunna reassured me. “What on earth is he doing here and why would he even show his ugly nauseating face!?”

“I don’t know; all I know is that I’m going to find someone to get him out of our house!” I assured her.

Who would help us? Who would get this creep out of our party and house? There was Jason, a tall gangly guy with blonde hair and glasses; in my opinion he probably was the butt of every joke in high school and now was just hitting puberty; he wouldn’t do.
My piercing green eyes wondered slowly around the room; underneath my dark brown bangs they stopped every now and then when they noticed a muscular arm. Then out of no where he came; like a knight in shining armor coming to rescue a kingdom in dispute. He showed no emotion until his brown eyes spotted me; his crooked smile smirked in the corner showing his dimple and his well toned built body showed through is black and blue Hurley shirt. His smooth hand slipped perfectly into mine and his silky lips caressed my neck just for a moment to show that I was his.

“What do you need darlin?” he asked.

“Can you please be a sweetheart and kick Allen out of my house? He is going to ruin the party if he stays.” I told him.

“My pleasure!” He said excitedly. “Where is he at?”

“Downstairs with all of his buddies.”

Right then Jake headed to the dark wooden door that headed down the stairs. Jakes' eyes held a grudge in them that would scare anyone; they were searching the crowd that infested my couch and floor, searching for the one person that needed to get out of this place before he started an even bigger feud. Jakes eyes stopped and his finger pointed.

"You, out!" he said making the statement clear.

A few overly dressed prissy boys stood, but one remained sitting in the middle of them all. The tallest one's hair was like a mop that had just been trimmed by a lawnmower; his arms could have been blown around by the wind if they ever got caught outside. The shortest one looked muscular but he was squishier than hard, his blonde hair grew past his ears and down to his eye brows. The other guy that was with him I knew; he and I used to be friends until the drama with Allen and I started. His body was built quite a bit more than the others, his straight brown hair flicked out the bottom of black hat. His muscles flexed as Jake got closer hinting that he would strike if he tried anything.

"You're not welcome here Allen and you know this! If you leave now you won't be harmed." Jake warned.

The whole party seemed to squeeze through the miniature opening above the stairs; this was making it very hot a stuffy. The hot air lingered around sending fumes of body odor, Axe, and perfumes of all kinds through everyone’s' nostrils. From having to yell at the top of your lungs in order for someone to hear you to complete and udder silence was frightening. If an outsider walked in right now he wouldn't be able to keep his eyes off the chalk white faces all staring in one direction just waiting for the action to start.
Finally Allen slowly rose to his feet; his eyes never left the sight of Jake and me just standing there hand in hand. His temple budged as he tried to keep his mouth shut, but you could tell what he wanted to say by the sight of his hurt stricken face. All of a sudden I felt an indescribable pain and I was on the floor sprawled about in an awkward position. Opening my eyes the light was blinding and I ached throughout my body. Eyes adjusting to the light I finally saw what was going on; they were fighting.
Allen's nose was gushing out blood like a water hose turned on high on a hot summer day. Jake's fist had Allen's blood running down the sides as he struck again and again. Jake's left hand held his neck up to make it easier to crush; he hit him once more and Allen just laid there. Running over to me, Jake grabbed my hand and slowly pulled me up to him. His Blood encrusted hand slipped my hair behind my ear to get a better look at me. My eyes roamed the room and finally I saw Allen being carried out by his buddies; his face was already swelling with blood dripping down. I then knew he wouldn't come back to my house ever again.
Shaunna's face what a white sheet as she made her way through the crowd grabbing me to carries me in a huge hug; she would always be my truest best friend. She was always there for me and we now lived with one another making new memories to put on our walls and today was a memory that couldn't be forgotten.

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