Trigger Ready

May 3, 2010
You married him three years ago, and now you are pregnant with his child. You know he does not feel the same about you anymore but you love him with all your heart. You know he’s cheating on you with her. It’s okay though because you have a plan, and you know in the end you’ll be the only thing he’s thinking about.

You drive to her house with the deadly weapon sitting next to you. You’ve driven by her house many times to see if his car was there, you’ve only seen it twice both times on a Sunday. It’s a Sunday. You turn on to her street and you see her driveway with his car in it. Perfect, he’ll be here to see what you’ve always wanted to do for him.
You get out of you car and walk up to her door caressing the trigger in your satchel. You have to do this. It’s best for the baby. You knock on the door twice, with force. She must be coming because you hear movement. You ready yourself gun up, trigger ready, it’s really about to happen and you start to smile with joy. You wait for a matter of seconds that seem like hours, it’s fine though because this wait is worth it. You see the knob turning in front of you, the door opens and bang.
An abrupt noise was all it was. He just fell to the ground no struggle or words exchanged. You killed him, and now you’re trembling. He had answered the door and you didn’t take the time to look. You fall to your knees in a panicked cry. She runs in from the back door and you stare desperately at her familiar face. His sister’s face.

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insaneex said...
May 18, 2010 at 4:50 pm
oh my god, this is one of the most amazing stories I have ever read :) Keep up the great work!!!
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