My magnifying Glass

May 2, 2010
You magnify my pain,the things I tell you don't hurt me anymore because of the steel armor I wear. But when I pass them on to you, it kills me because I feel the pain leave me and go to you, magnified over and over by your innocence. I hate telling you these things. I hate leaving you with the pain that should be mine alone to bear, but you take it, smiling and laughing all the time. With each new memory of pain I give to you it hurts you less inside. Your armor is forming, becoming steel like mine. I'm taking away your innocence like mine was wrenched from me at too young an age. I hate telling you these things, watching you absorb my pain like a sponge, but these memories bring us closer. They cause our laughter to be more meaningful since we have cried together, our happiness to be more potent since we have experienced sadness together. And I ask myself, would we be best friends if you weren't the sponge for my pain?

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