Don't Be Mine Valentine

May 1, 2010
Would it be too much to say you’re beautiful? Because you are. From the blonde curls on your head to the tips of your painted toes, you are a vision I like to frame with my thumbs and forefingers.

Like starlight your blue eyes twinkle and your laugh reminds me of the bubbles we blow dancing in the wind. When you stumble, it’s not dorky, it’s cute. Don’t worry, it’s nice to see that girls are human too. That means don’t let a frown besmirch your pretty little face. Got it?

Maybe I should define my adoration. Yes, beautiful, you are amazing. However, the rose I would give you is not a swarthy red. It would be of the sunniest yellow, the color of friendship. Maybe I wouldn’t give you just one, but twelve to tell you just how much you really mean to me. Yet, not all the yellow roses in the world could hold a candle to your loveliness.

Yes, let me be your boy friend. Don’t put the words together, because the delicate glass that holds our friendship together might break with a simple mistake. Don’t hold my hand, but hold the moments we are together. Let’s watch the sun rise with smiles and stay out until the moon yawns and it’s time to start all over again.

Instead of spending my time making love to you I want to make memories with you. I want to focus on what’s important—and that is something no one can see. I don’t want your lips and hips to take my eyes away from the soul that has captured my attention.

Let’s be partners in crime but not mimic Bonnie and Clyde. They ended up dead. Let’s live for now and exist in our friendship. Some other boy will sweep you off your feet, I’m sure. But he has to go through me first. Our last names may not align and our parents may not be the same, but I am your brother; your best friend.

All I need is a little sunshine, your brilliant smile, and the sound of your laughter on the wind. Please, sit here next to me, for alone does not exist when you are close.

Can I say thank you?

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