Heavenly Conversations (In Heaven)

April 28, 2010
By singdance7 SILVER, Davenport, Iowa
singdance7 SILVER, Davenport, Iowa
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I could hear the rain drops go pitter patter on the umbrella, along with mommy’s shoes going clickety click. It sounded like a rainy day to me, but according to daddy today was different. I don’t know how cause I could still smell the smells of rain, and mommy’s pretty perfume. I asked mommy why today was different. She asked me if I remembered how Gramma was sick.

How could I forget that? We went to the place where sick people go (mommy called it a hospital) to visit her. Since I have always loved visiting Gramma, I had picked her flowers all by myself. I told mommy what I just told you. I think a raindrop hit her cheek because she had to wipe it off and her face was all wet.

Mommy told me that Jesus wants us to be with Him in Heaven. So when he thinks the time is rite he will take us there, but on by one. She said that He was taking Gramma now. I told mommy I don’t want Gramma to leave. She said Gramma will be happy in heaven and that I will see her again someday. I asked mommy “I still don’t know why today is so different.” And then mommy told me today we say goodbye to Gramma, and tomorrow we give her to God so He can take her to Heaven.

Saying goodbye to Gramma was always really hard. But this time it was for a really long time. I guess this is going to be really hard then. If mommy thought so too she didn’t tell me. But I think she was upset too.

We got in the car. Probably going to Grammas house. I started worrying. How will I know Gramma will be happy in Heaven? Mommy always says to take your problems to God, so I asked Him a few questions.

“God, in Heaven, do you have a rocking chair for Gramma to take naps in?”

“No Kelly for I will rock her in my arms. Just like your daddy rocks you to sleep sometimes.”

“In Heaven do you have vitamins for her to be healthy?”

“No Kelly, she will be healthy without them.”

“In heaven do you have a nurse to help her get around?”

“No Kelly, we have angels to carry her instead.”

“In Heaven do you have books for her to read?”

“No Kelly, but we have story tellers that can tell her all kinds of stories, just like books can.”

“Jesus Please say yes, do you have Grammas and Grampas for my Gramma to talk to?”

“Yes Kelly, not only that but we have boys and girls and mommies and daddies to keep her company.”

“Are they gonna help her make cookies like me and my mommy and daddy do?”

And then Jesus Laughed a little before giving me His answer. “Maybe Kelly, maybe they will. Now go be a good girl for mommy and daddy.” I told Him I would.

Then I looked up. We weren’t at Grammas house. I had never been here before. There were a lot of cars outside. I wonder why they were here.

Mommy and I got out of the car. I followed her into a really big house. Daddy was there and he gave me a big hug and took me inside a room. There were a lot of people in the room. There was also a really fancy box with flowers at the end of the room. Daddy carried me over to the box and Gramma was inside. I asked daddy what she was doing, daddy told me that she was sleeping so she could be well rested for when Jesus come to take her to Heaven.

Daddy said now was the time to say goodbye. I knew I would see her tomorrow. I don’t think daddy did thought. Because I told God I would be a good girl I said goodbye to Gramma anyway.

“You know Gramma, in Heaven they don’t have rocking chairs, vitamins, nurses, and I don’t think they have any books either. But they do have a lot of other fun stuff I think you would like. God says there are a lot of Grammas and Grampas, boys and girls, and mommies and daddies. They might help you make cookies, I am not sure thought. And you know what else Gramma? I think you’re gonna like it there, in Heaven.”

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