Six Teens, Six Lives

April 26, 2010
By , Austell, GA
The bell rang loudly, and teenagers began to spill out of classes like swarms of bees. Six teenagers, however, did not swarm nor yell loudly at friends a few feet away. These six lingered in corners and empty hallways, the three couples holding hands and whispering softly. Zane spoke first, the one with the dirty blonde hair and amber eyes, at least in this light, and the temper to show it.
“Look at all of them. Hormones gone wild, I have to say.”
“Oh, like you aren’t!” Aphrodite hissed playfully at him, and gave him a quick kiss on the cheek. Aphrodite, however, looked like a rose dipped in dew. Her pale red lips were full and were smeared with strawberry gloss, her long blonde hair in loose waves down her back, and her light blue eyes were staring longingly into Zane’s now golden eyes.
“Sometimes, you guys make me sick.” Primrose said disgustfully. Primrose was the nature freak, but not by choice. Her chocolate brown hair was in large, bouncing curls that moved whenever she did, and her light green eyes the color of spring leaves were wide and full of adventure. Afterwards, she looked lovingly at Sterling, the same way Aphrodite did at Zane, and her comment that she just muttered didn’t matter anymore.
“Rose, baby, don’t be so judgmental.” Sterling whispered into her ear. He was the one with the striking silver-gray eyes and beach blonde hair, a knight in shining armor. Primrose giggled, and wrapped her arms around Sterling’s neck, and gave him a perfect kiss, and it somehow seemed that they’ve been doing it for a long time to get it to seem that perfect.
“Jeez. Do you guys like, practice kissing or something when the others are not around?” Griffin said briefly, and followed it with a snort. His chocolate brown eyes were wide and interested in the conversation, and his jet black hair seemed to let the florescent lights bounce off of it. Avalon seemed to appear from the darkness, and her necklace had dark thunderclouds pouring down rain in an endless pattern. Her shoulder-length amber hair seemed to bounce with life, and her deep blue ocean eyes seemed to be troubled, a storm raging in her eyes.
“I don’t mean to disrupt your guy’s love fest but-, Griffin?”
Griffin began to get that far-away look in his eyes, and Avalon rushed to his side and grabbed hold to his shoulders to help him keep his balance.
“What do you see?”
“Light fighting dark….A baby cradled in soft, caring arms…Lots of green… Fire and water…” Griffin mumbled softly and shortly afterwards, his eyes seemed to come back to this time.
“What does it mean?” Avalon whispered to herself.
“Whoah. We’ve never had one like that before.” Zane said, amazed, slightly sarcastic.
“We need to get back… Lacey and Blaine need to hear this.” Primrose said, taking hold of Sterling’s hand, and pulling him through the crowds of teens yelling and screaming at each other, like it was a dire situation. The other two couples, did the same, and followed each other out to the parking lot, hopping into their cars, and driving home.
It didn’t take them long to weave in and out of traffic and find that worn gravel road that leads to their home. Each of the sports cars seemed to slow down, and follow each other slowly. Primrose and Sterling were in the green and silver, energy efficient car, Avalon and Griffin were in the blue and white one, that could exceed speeds of 120 mph and almost appear invisible, and Zane and Aphrodite were in the red car with flames, with the most high-tech features.
Before long, they had found their way to the home they had only been in for two weeks at the most. It was light and airy, with white walls and cherry wood floors, and many sky-lights letting the sun rays leek their way through the house during the day, and the stars and moonlight let their light shine down to illuminate the couple’s faces as they walked down hallways during the night. The Wright’s did not sleep, so in each bedroom, there were no beds, only lounge chairs and poufy couches to snuggle on. Bookcases were filled to the brim with many different kinds of subjects, you could discover anything. A room was even dedicated to music. Records, tapes, CD’s and more covered many shelves, and the music dated back to as far as you can think, maybe about 1492, or somewhere in there.
To a normal person, this house would be somewhere in a day-dream. To this family, it was the cheapest house they’ve ever owned. The six found their “parents” in the living room, watching the news on their 64 inch flat screen TV. They didn’t seem to be alarmed to see their “children” home about three hours before school was to end. They turned off the TV and directed their attention towards them. Avalon spoke first.
“Griffin had a vision, and this one, he wasn’t even sleeping. He just randomly began to see, or whatever he does.” She nodded towards Griffin. “Tell them what you saw.”
“Well,” Griffin began, “At first I saw shrouds of darkness fighting against great bursts of white light, and which one won, I have no idea. Then I saw a baby, with soft blonde hair and silver eyes.” Sterling gasped, he had silver- gray eyes. Griffin continued. “Afterwards, I saw green, and fire bursting through the foliage like a mouse running from a cat. Water was then splashed and the vision ended.”
Blaine and Lacey had very blank looks on their faces, but Lacey, the more forward of the two, spoke first.
“Well, this is certainly a vision to watch for. Light and dark fighting, that’s gone on for centuries, especially involving our kind. The green with fire, Primrose, I would watch out for Zane. Don’t get in any arguments you two.” Primrose had a sheepish look come over her face, and Zane just rolled his eyes. Lacey continued. “Now, for the baby, I’m afraid to ask. Let’s not go into that, but each of you, be careful!” They are either rolled their eyes or looked away and stared into their other half’s eyes longingly. They all could be rebellious at times if they wanted to.
“Now, I have no problem with you guys staying home for the rest of the afternoon. I know school can get boring after 100 years or so.” Blaine said, quite matter-a-factly.
“You’ve got be kidding me, I found it boring the first 10 years...” Zane said with an attitude of an angry bull.
“Don’t start Zane. Go get something to eat if you’re that grumpy.” Lacey said sternly, trying to be a good “parent”.
“You may go outside or to your room everyone. Have fun in the new house...” Blaine said in a fatherly way, and off the six went.

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