The Date

April 21, 2010
I drop the phone. Omg! Did he really just ask me? Yes, he did! I run to go take a shower. I step into the shower and let the warm water run over my body. I wash and condition my hair and use my favorite scented body wash. I step out and wrap myself in a towel. I rub lotion into my soft skin and pull on my favorite skinny jeans and a white tank top.

I walk to my bedroom and towel-dry my hair. I can’t believe how romantic this is going to be! I curl my hair and do my make-up. A little mascara, eyeliner, and eye shadow should do it… but I’ll add some lip-gloss just in case. I slip on my flip-flops and relax while I wait for him to pick me up.

Fifteen minutes later I hear a car door shut, and then there is a knock on my door. I run to answer the door, and sure enough there he stands. He comes in and takes my hand. We walk over and we talk to my parents. Finally we make our way to his car for the hour-long drive to the lake. Ok, keep calm. He’s a guy, a guy you’ve liked for like ever, but still just a guy.

As he drives he takes my hand and talk about nothing. His hands are warm and make me feel protected. We finally make it to the beach. He pulls out a blanket and a picnic basket. He sets everything on the sand and wants me to sit down next to him. The sun is starting to sink over the lake. I lean my head on his shoulder and he puts his arm around me as we watch the sun fade away.

We finish dinner and he lies down on the blanket. I look at him and decide to join him there. I curl up and set my head on his chest. I listen to his heartbeat as he murmurs sweet things in my ears. We look to the horizon where the sun just faded.

“Rachel?” The love of my life lifts me off his chest and sits me up. He looks deeply into my eyes. I love him so much. I just wish he knew.

I look back at him. “Yes?”

He pauses and gently takes a hold of my hands. He strokes his thumbs over the back of my hands. “What would you say if I told you that I love you?”

“Well. I would say that I love you too. Why?” I answer him with the soft voice of a forbidden lover. I lower my head to look at our hands.

“Rachel.” He pauses and lifts my chin so I am looking at him. “I love you with all my heart.”

Surprised at his sudden outburst of loving affection for me, I barely manage to whisper, “I love you too. With my whole body and soul.”

He leans over and kisses me gently as he pulls me to him. I pull away and look at his eyes, and then I lean in and kiss him again.
“Your all mine right? No one else’s?”
“How’s this for an answer?” He pulls me onto him and kisses me. His fingers find my hair as mine find his. He holds me close almost as if he’s afraid to let me go.

We slowly pull away and head back to the car. As we climb back in he takes my hand and we talk about love and our feelings for the other. He drives slower on the way back to my house as if to enjoy my company. He’s such a sweetheart! I can’t believe I found him!
We finally pull into my driveway. He gets out quickly and opens my door for me; he is such a gentleman when he wants to be. We walk hand and hand up to my front door.
“Goodnight babe. I’ll miss you.” He kisses my cheek and then moves my hair from my face.
“Goodnight love. I’ll miss you too.” I kiss him gently. With that I float inside to my waiting bed and as I lie down I dream of him.

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