Gone Ch.2

April 19, 2010
By StoopyDoo SILVER, Littleton, Colorado
StoopyDoo SILVER, Littleton, Colorado
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Chapter 2
I slip on my hiking shoes and get out of my tent. I grab a light jacket and a beanie. A cool breeze wisps over the camp cite. A shiver runs thru me. I realize that I should probably bring a pocket knife in case I need to defend myself, so I run back to my tent and grab it along with my water bottle. I walk with my flashlight in hand and head into the woods.

As I walk, I think back on everything that has happened on this trip. I woke up this morning and had breakfast with my parents. Then, I went and then bathed in the creek. Then, I went hunting with my dad. During the trip, we got turkeys, squirrels and rabbits. During the amazing trip, I was spotted by a black bear that looked me straight in the eye and didn’t even do anything. That was really creepy. Then, we ate dinner and went to bed. Simply enough day, until my mom said, “Love you, remember that O.K?” Now that was just plain weird. I didn’t really have any comment to that.

Pine needle and pine cones crinkled beneath my feet. It was a full moon out tonight so the area around wasn’t that dark. Looking around, I find a suitable tree to take my business on. As I finish, I cover the wet spot with leaves and sticks. The smell of urine is still in the air but it will go away shortly.

When I get back to camp, I realize I left my water bottle at the tree I went to the bathroom at. I quickly run back to the tree I went to the bathroom at. When I get there, I just can’t find my water bottle. I look in the shrubs, flowers, mosses, and by the trees. I can’t seem to have any luck. But then, out of the corner of my eye, I see a blue spot glistening in a bush. I walk over to the large bush, and when I pick it up, I realize it’s not a water bottle. It’s a blue beanie.

I rip open the bush and regret I ever opened it. There lay a man, with short brown cropped, dead. Yeah, I said it, dead. I can’t tell what he looks like because it’s not possible. His whole face is scratched off and is missing a leg. Well, let me say shin and knee because the thigh is still attached. I curiously take off his backpack and look inside and find his wallet. I find his I.D. and see that his name is Richard George Millwalled. Millwalled, Millwalled, that name is vaguely too familiar. Then, it hit me. One of my friend’s family and him were camping here and he went into the woods and never came back. Well, when I get back home I will have to give him some things to remember him by. I take his wallet, hat and his journal.

I open his journal to read it. It reads, “Day 1. Mitchell and I got to camp today and went hunting. Day 2. Today me and Mitchie went out to the lake and fished. Day 3. Today I went and water skied. Day 4. Tomorrow we go home and see Hommer again.

This is terrible that means that he died the day they were supposed to go home. Now that I think of it, this probably only happened two weeks ago. That’s so sad. I can’t believe I found my friend’s dad. This day is probably the weirdest day of my life. I would be so devastated if my dad died.

I finally find my water bottle (I found it under a rock) and it was empty. Will this ever end? Will I ever get to sleep? Will I even get back to camp before midnight? These are all questions I am asking myself.

I walk to the small creek but on the way, I find a spring so I get my water from there so I don’t have to purify it. I take a big gulp of water. Ah. Fresh mountain spring water. This is the best water I have ever tasted. I revived me and I feel like I could run a marathon.

I start to walk back to camp. But right as I am about to leave I hear a rustle. It’s probably just a squirrel, I think. I was so wrong.

The big black bear charges out of the bush and hits me. I’m knocked out instantly.

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We are all oppisites.

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