Cross of Hope Part 2

April 19, 2010
By smartlady1997 SILVER, Corry, Pennsylvania
smartlady1997 SILVER, Corry, Pennsylvania
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Favorite Quote:
I can conquor the world with one hand so long as you are here holding the other.

Sometime in August
As I walked into Rockwell Sr. high then into the Jr. High hall behind Ashlyn, I knew the only thing that would be worthwhile today, was going to be seeing my friends again. I’m in 8th grade but I had been home schooled since kindergarten so that’s why I was starting Jr. High now instead of last year like everyone else.
Crystal Cattlewall, was pretty, had platinum blonde hair, and was a blue-eyed beauty with divorced parents. Her dad was living on the coast of Florida with his girlfriend Cassie, and her mom lived in Rockwell Pennsylvania. She had spent the summer like usual in Florida with her dad.
Nikki Swallowtail, was an athletic, red haired, green-eyed girl. She had been away at a softball camp and tournament in Texas this past summer. She was our Team’s best player. She was playing on the High School Varsity team even though she was in 8thth grade.
Ashlyn Parker, the artist of our group, took her red-brown haired self with her big brown eyes to Paris for a painting course over the summer. It almost killed her to go, she didn’t want to leave her boyfriend Alex behind.
Then finally there is Rosebella Battlewell, a warm hearted, fun loving Italian girl who this summer had yet again spent her time exploring the wondrous beaches of Italy with her family.
Well at least I can hear there stories in class today, I mused, because of course, yet again, I spent the summer babysitting.

“Isabelle!” A voice yelled. I knew that voice, it belonged to Crystal.
I yelled back in reply. “Crystal!” She came running over, I gave her a hug, our usual greeting, and we walked to class.
“Ok,” I bubbled. “Tell me everything, don’t leave out a single detail,” and with that she started:
“Well, since I didn’t have anything to spend my allowance on up here,” she waved her hand around. “I decided to go shopping as soon as I got there so I went to the beachfront mall. I went to all my favorite stores like Aerpostale and Hollister; I got some amazing tops there and a new bikini. Then I went to this cute little shop and bought these earrings.” She lifted her beautiful platinum blonde hair up to show me these white beach glass earrings.
“Aren’t they pretty?”
“They’re very pretty Crystal.” I wish I had a pair. I miserably added in my head. But of course Crystal always manages to get everything she wants boys, clothes, shoes, accessories, anything.

“I was hoping you’d say that,” with that she pulled a sky blue box with a dark blue ribbon out of her purse. “I bought you a pair, they’re blue, since it’s your favorite color.”

“Awe thanks Crystal, they’re beautiful. How did you know I would want a pair?”

“Because I know you that’s why. Now, like I was saying, after I finished shopping I dropped my bags off at the hotel, and went down to the beach to sign up for surf lessons. I had already bought a pink board while I was shopping. The next day, I went down to the beach and went to my lesson. I met this really hot guy while I was at surfing lessons, his name is Jason. After the lesson me and Jason stayed at the beach to surf. He bought my lunch and gave me a ride to dad’s, so he’s really sweet. He has a new red convertible! That’s how the days would go, we’d go to lessons and he’d take me to lunch and drop me off at home. As my days in Florida were coming to an end Cassie, dad’s girlfriend, took me school shopping for school clothes so that’s how I got this new wardrobe and that’s about it.” She stopped talking to find me stared at her with both envy and disbelief.

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on May. 3 2010 at 3:32 pm
smartlady1997 SILVER, Corry, Pennsylvania
9 articles 0 photos 5 comments

Favorite Quote:
I can conquor the world with one hand so long as you are here holding the other.

I do relize there are some grammer mistakes. Please ignore those thanks!


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