The Fortunate Tale of an Unfortunate Girl

April 18, 2010
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The night seemed to dance. The moon lit up the sky like a new day. I breathed in the cool night air and thought of the wonderful world I’m NOT living in. My mother screams for me to clean the floor that she just spilled permanent paint on. Oh well life couldn’t get worse. While I daydreamed about a perfect life I glance up and saw I a light that looked like it might change my life. Hope filled my body as I started to look up…

“NO, wait I can’t spoil the magic of hope…..” I thought peacefully to myself.
I stared down till I saw the glimmer of light fade away. Then, I heard a slam and then another scream from my mother. As I walked in I saw red paint all over the floor. It looked like she had just killed someone. Not that I thought my mother would do such a thing, but I did believe it for a moment.

“What are you doing just staring at it...? It’s drying HURRY UP!!!” my mother screamed at me….

I wiped the blood red paint off the floor as quick as I could. Then I used the nail polish remover to remove the remainder of the red paint. It took me forever to get the paint off and as I scraped the floor the lantern of hope seemed to faint.

As I fell asleep on my rock solid bed I drifted in to a dream, a wonderful dream. I was the princess falling in love with her prince till one day an evil witch (my mother) came and took me away and killed my prince. I woke up as soon as my prince died and I started to cry. Why me, what had I done.

Being my mothers’ unexpected kid made life ten times harder for me since she really didn’t want me. My grandfather was the only one in this world who is, oh sorry, I mean was nice to me.

My grandfather was the one that warned my mother about my birth father. He was a jock and a womanizer. She some how ended up in bed with him. Then BAM I came in to the picture. Now fifteen years later I was still locked up in this prison. I wished to live with my birth father he was such a good man now. He cleaned up his act and now lives with his wife in suburbia. Maybe I could call him. I could sneak to the pay phone and call him.

As I fell asleep again I had good dream till I woke up the next morning with a blood curdling scream from my mother. I ran downstairs to prepare breakfast. Pancakes, bacon, and eggs the usual. Despite being forced to cook since the young age of seven, I was and still am an amazing chef, though no one here appreciates my talent. My step-dad was rushing to get out the door as usual, and kissed every one on the head except me. All I got was a hard slap on the face.

After my step-dad left for work my mother went with my stepsisters to get Mani’s and pedi’s. While they were gone I ran to the nearest pay phone and called my father.

“Hello this is Michael speaking.” He answered.

“Um, hey Michael, oh oops I mean dad…. Hi it’s Raquel.” I replied.

“Oh, hello it is so nice to talk to you! How are you?” he questioned.

“HORRIBLE! That’s kind of why I called you… to see if you had room for one more……..” I said.

With my fear of rejection, I knew he would say no. Every ounce of my body denied the possibility of being free from the evil wrath of my mother, but there was hope on the other side of the line.

“YES, yes, yes, yes! Let me call Gene your mother and see if I could take you.” He told me.

“Ok well I’m at a pay phone so I need you to call my house phone to tell me what she says. So I can get ready. THANK YOU! Daddy, it going to be so good to live with you, and I love you so much.” I cried.

When my mother and step sisters arrived home my mother told me that I was going to live with my dad. I jumped for joy. He was coming in an hour she said. I scrambled to get my wardrobe together... Well it really wasn’t that hard collecting the five shirts and two pairs of pant into a small purse. I packed my baby blanket and then the doorbell rang.

I hadn’t seen him in years so I wondered what he would look like. Last time I saw him was a blur but I remember I got my brown hair from him. I reparted my greasy hair and pulled my shirt down so it didn’t show my belly. Okay, I’m ready I thought, no, no I’m not. I took at deep breath and exited my room (well I mean large closet), and walked down to see a man well into his late thirties with brown hair and green eyes. He was very lean and tall about 6’5.

I ran to him and exclaimed,” Oh! Dad it is so good to see you again. Don’t believe anything Gene tells you because she only uses me to be her slave. Well, then bye GENE!”

“Okay well then I will leave and while you say your goodbyes,” he ran out of the room.

I gave a small wave and walked out of the prison for the first time, and saw my get away car. It was a jet black Lexus with a tan interior. What a sweet ride!

But some how I knew that I would go back to this place…. I had a gut feeling. For some people leaving is like ripping their heart out, painful. But for me leaving was like lifting the weight of 15 years of torture off my back. I didn’t look back, and I never planned too.

Driving in the unfamiliar landscape made me a bit nervous, but my father seemed to know the way pretty well. I wondered if he had driven this route many times…. Maybe just to glance at the house where the most precious gift to him awaited his arrival… even though he thought that gift was happy.

“Uh...Raquel… do you want some fast food….. A burger and some fries… does that sound good?” my dad asked.

“Um… sure….. I can’t even remember the last time I had fast food. Thanks.” I replied.

After our stop at the fast food restaurant, we headed to the new house that I would live in. We entered a nice looking neighborhood, every lawn was perfectly manicured, and so were the bushes. The houses looked so sparkly I could not believe it. Then we turned the car on to a street call Jeremy Drive.

As we continued down the road the house seemed to be getting bigger. Then finally we were at the house. IT WAS HUGE!

As I exited the car I was about to scream… I was living here…. God seemed to have a funny way of helping people. I lifted my not so heavy bag onto my shoulder then closed the car door gently. We were almost to the door when a very short, skinny, and beautiful woman ran out the door. She ran to my father and embraced him tightly. He spun her around and kissed her with a love that I had never been able to understand.

My father turned around and spoke, “Raquel, this is my wife, your step-mother, Fran. She has been waiting so long to meet you.” My father gestured me to go towards her, and I obeyed but not as an order but as a friendly gesture. She embraced me tightly and spoke in a sweet soprano voice, “I am so very glad to meet you. I hope that we will become great friends. I have so much planned for us to do. I was jumping for joy when your father said you were coming to visit us. Finally another girl! Come inside, and I will show you to your room.”

We entered the too perfect house, and I was blown away. The house theme was black and white, and it was gorgeous. As I entered Fran started up the Alabaster steps, and down a hall way. I followed her until she entered a room that would apparently be mine. It was simply furnished, but the room had its own personality. There was a window on the west side of the room that had a window seat big enough for me to sit on. I dropped my bad and hopped on the too perfect bed to try it out. As soft as a feather and this was mine. As I was giggling and jumping for joy, Fran stood and watched with a grin that stretched form ear to ear.

After my big ruckus, Fran told me some exciting news. “Raquel, me and your father want to make you feel beautiful and classy, so tomorrow you and I are going shopping for new clothes and giving you a makeover. We also are going to allow you to decorate you room in any style you want, but the one condition is that it has to be tasteful. Also we will be home-schooling you so you can catch up on your studies.”

I nodded my head in agreement, then went up to this delicate woman and embraced her tightly. She smiled and exited the room. On the way out she told me that dinner was served by Chef Tommy at 7:15. I was to be freshened up and ready to eat by then. She told me she picked out some outfits for me to wear for dinner. She also informed me that we would be having guests for dinner so I would have to be on my best behavior. I nodded yet again in agreement promising I would be amazing. These rules were so easy to follow, and she felt like god had blessed her.

Looking at the clock it read 6:15. So I had a whole hour to get dressed. I wanted to explore more, but I knew that I needed to take a shower so that she didn’t smell like rotting stench. I exited the room and made a right until I reached a bathroom. The sinks we made with marble and the faucet heads were made with silver. The black and white theme also ran through this simple room as well. I loved the design and loved that I had a full bathroom. I saw a bathtub and decided at that moment that I was going to indulge in a bubble bath. I couldn’t remember the last time that I had taken a bubble bath. I wanted to read as well, so I spotted a tabloid magazine, and I started to read it while the bathtub was filling. The unfamiliar faces smiled up and I and I wondered who these people were. The last movie I saw was the Lion King, when it came out. As soon as the water filled to the almost brim I hopped in and started to soak. I washed my hair and my body. I felt so clean and pretty for a change. I slipped into the beautiful assemble that Fran picked out, and then I started my attempt to use a blow dryer. As soon as my hair was decent it was time to go down to dinner. I gave myself a final look in the mirror and made my way down the cold alabaster steps.

Apparently when my father said that a few friends were coming over he lied. There were about fifty people, including some girls and boys my age. They all greeted me in unison as I floated down the steps. I slipped as any stupid girl would, and to my aid rushed a handsome young man. Tall, medium build and the most gorgeous blue eyes I had ever seen. It was like looking into a clear blue ocean. His blonde hair brushed her face softly and she thought she saw an angel.

“You okay? You took a pretty sweet tumble there… Oh sorry I haven’t introduced myself. My name is Oliver Sanchez. My father works for yours. So we can say we are work related family.” He chuckled and then said. “You mighty pretty for a girl of fifteen. We should chill out some time. I can help you make some new friends. Come on socialize, we don’t bite.”

I started to follow Oliver, and then I saw the rest of the room. People had small chit chats on the side as they stared at me like I was an alien. We crossed the room to where we meet a group of girls and boys around my age. They were so beautiful. One girl stepped up and said, “Hey girlie my name is Layla,” she embraced me tightly; “I just know we are going to be great friends, and this is my boyfriend, Marcus.”

Marcus gave me a wave then turned back to the so called interesting conversation. Not interested in them I left and started to my room. I was never one for social settings, my father bumped into me. He looked at me then walked away. I started up the stair when I heard someone calling my name. It was Layla.

“Hey girl, you want to go into your room and talk?” she asked.

I nodded and headed into my room. I gestured her to a chair and I sat on my bed. She was gorgeous. She had long raven-black hair, an olive complexion, and a small heart-shaped face.

I spoke, “Do you guys party like this all the time? Its kind of crazy if you ask me…”

“Yes, Well... you are the talk of the youth tonight… All the guys think you’re gorgeous. Especially Oliver…. He is the Mr. Dreamy of the Pacific Academy. All the girls want him, and all the guys want to be him. Also Angelo thinks you’re gorgeous. He is Oliver’s best friend. He would never ask you out, not before Oliver asked you.” she said. Layla blushed and I think she wished she was me. I hating be me. I thought I was ugly. I guess that Gene was the one that made me feel ugly.

I rushed to my bathroom and Layla followed me. I looked and the mirror without any bias except my own, and what I saw was so different. I was dignified and grand. I looked HOT! Then I and Layla exited the bathroom and we proceeded down the alabaster steps. A song with a strong bass started and I paced my steps to the beat. All eyes turned towards me, and the reason was not bad for once.

Angelo ran towards me and asked me to dance. I accepted as the nice thing to do. I just noticed how gorgeous Angelo was… He had shaggy auburn hair that was styled so I look professional, but still very handsome. He had chocolate brown eyes and a very muscular in build. A waltz started and he guided me.

My dress flowed with the music and each step I took with Angelo the more I started to like him. After a couple seconds I noticed only Angelo and I were on the dance floor everyone encircled us. They watched in awe. At the front were Oliver, Layla and Marcus. I gestured for Layla and Marcus to join us and they did. I was so thankful that I watched the King and I because that’s how I learned the waltz. Angelo was a great guide, and then in a second it seemed the song was over. He bowed and I had an attempt at a curtsy.

For the rest of the night I stayed with Angelo. He was so interesting, and we had so much in common. Layla was at my side most of the night as well. She helped me keep the conversation flowing. I laughed more that I had in forever, and the feeling was magical. Once the party ended, I said good night to Angelo and to a depressed looking Oliver.

Then I went and begged my Dad to have Layla to stay the night. He said yes, what father wouldn’t, and then Layla came over. She showed me how to style my hair, and while she was showing me I told me her my story. She was shocked at my apparent kidnapping, and she told me that my father was a good man. Her father and my father were friends in high school and in college. They built this company, and they were like brothers. I was so happy I met Layla, and I could admit I had one best friend for life.

The next morning Layla left early for a yoga lesson, and I had to start my lessons so I could catch up on School and get into Pacific Academy. I excelled quickly to Fran’s surprise. I loved to learn algebra and biology, and I couldn’t wait to read Shakespeare. It only took me about a day to pick the studies till Fran was satisfied. Then we headed to the campus to take the entrance exams to Pacific Academy. The test was so easy. I passed of course, and I was to start there after the summer holiday. The school year started in August. Only a few weeks.
Then Fran and I headed to the premiere salon of Los Angles, Nathan Gordon Salon. They took me in and changed me. I got my hair cut by a professional for the first time in my life, and I got taught how to do make-up. After the salon, Fran led me through the outlets. I loved everything, and I got a lot of stuff. I had a very nice wardrobe now. Dresses, skirts, Pants, blouses and t-shirts were all mine. Then I got a text message on my new phone.

I looked down at the unfamiliar piece of technology and saw it was a text message from Layla. It read, “Hey girlie, I hope you’re having fun becoming a girlie girl, but I was wondering if you wanted to come hang out down-town at a movie premiere. Anglo is going to be there ;) you should come.”

Well, I contemplated the message then slid out the tiny key board and typed, “Sure, Let me ask Fran.” Then I rushed over to Fran and asked, “Hey I was wondering if I could go to a…..” my phone vibrated and I check the message, the movie was called Heaven’s Limit, “movie premiere with Layla?”

“Ummm… What movie were you planning to go to?” she questioned.

“Heavens limit, I heard it was good.” I answered.

“Fine, but you need to be presentable and not make a fool of your self because of your fathers’ social status.” She ordered.

I had always wondered what exactly my father did. So I decided to question my step-mother, “What exactly does my dad do? Just out of curiosity.”

“Your father started many businesses such as Facebook, Google, and Apple.”

“What? Wow I didn’t know that. My mother told me he was just a business man but not that big of a business man. Golly. I’m going to get dressed.”

I slipped into my room and looked through every outfit. Then I found the perfect out fit. A pair of dark skinny jeans and a white flowy baby doll dress. I decide to slip on a pair of gladiator sandals, and parted my hair and braided into two braids that formed a crown looking think. I floated down the stairs just as the door bell rang. I answered and it was Oliver to my surprise. He wore a white collared shirt with a black tie and a black sport coat. His hair was tastefully cut and styled. I smiled at him and he gave me a radiant smile back.

“Oh hey, you’re going to ride with me, Angelo, and Tyler. You can sit in the passenger seat in front. By the way you look really pretty.” he told me.

I smiled and responded, “Thanks, By the way nice car.”

He smiled at me, as he took my hand and guided me to the passenger seat of the car. Angelo gave him the stink eye the whole time. It was obvious that they were both competing for me. I giggled inside then gracefully sat down in the car. Tyler greeted me and so did Angelo. To my surprise Tyler was a bright personality to be around. He kept the conversation flowing and never made me feel awkward, an after a short while we arrived at the premiere.

As I stepped onto the red carpet I saw a sea of flashing lights and screams, I wondered what was going on. Then I felt someone grab my hand and to my surprise it was Oliver. He seemed so natural walking and talk. He was sort of beautiful in a way. Then they started attacking me.

“Who are you honey? Is this your boyfriend?” one of the reporters questioned.

So I responded, “My name is Raquel Minoli. I’m Michael Minoli’s daughter, and no he isn’t my boyfriend.”
After I said those few words they started attacking me with questions like a group of tigers. I was poor and defenseless, and had no where to turn. Until I felt a hand grab mine gently I thought I was doomed to embarrass my father, and I looked up to my savior, I was Oliver again. I looked at him and I remembered that dream I dreamed so long ago. I looked at Oliver, and noticed that he was the prince in that dream that she had. It was like reality had left.

She knew that he was the one. He would be her prince charming. She giggled inside because the movie was ironic to the situation, Heaven’s Limit, but heaven hadn’t limited me in this situation. I knew from then on that I was his and he was mine. I held his hand and I was safe. Now I belonged, and it felt great. I paused and thought of some thing I never dreamed of thinking…. Dreams really do come true when you believe.

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Jinnx said...
May 5, 2010 at 2:00 pm
wow that was amazing! i love how much detail you put into this, and it was great when she realized that oliver was her prince.
writergirl19995 replied...
May 6, 2010 at 2:15 pm
Thanks this story took me a long time to nuture to its now excellence.
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