Trapped in an elevator

April 1, 2010
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It was February eighth in Southern Mississippi. Outside the lobby of a five star hotel, a man in wrangler jeans and a grey t-shirt walks into an elevator. As he walks in Tiger Woods says, “Aren’t you Brett Favre.”
“Ya and your Tiger
“Yes sir, Can I ask you something?”
“Ask away”
“Are you coming back next season?”
“Well the seasons over right now, so right now I am retiring.”
“Come August I will be back on the field”
“So why retire?”
“The media wants an answer, so I give them the opposite of what I’m going to do, come august I will get all the media attention.” As the elevator door opens, a rather larger man walks into the elevator.
“Chris Farley” Favre says.
“What up Favre and TWoods? Favre are you coming back next season?”
“As of now, no.” said Favre.
“Tiger so this is where you hide out now days” said Chris.

“Ya, hey Brett you want to mix things up a bit in the media a little sooner so the press is of my back” Said Tiger.

Chris then said, “Why would you want to do that”

Tiger replied with “are you dumb.”

“You’re the one with the thick candy shell” said Chris

“Are you talking” replied Brett.

The next 15 seconds they sat in complete silence. The next thing you know the elevator stops and the lights turn off. The three men start to push each other around, until Favre yells stop it were grown men. Brett turns to Tiger and says “Can I get your John Hancock”

Chris quickly says “John Hancock its Herbie Hancock.”

Tiger and Brett both laugh and Tiger replies “you sure can have my Herbie Hancock.”

Brett turns to Chris to ask him “did you eat a lot of paint chips as a kid?”

Chris chuckles and says “he he he, why?”

Brett laughs and says “I know I’m not perfect, I’m pretty boring.”

Tiger ask Brett “do you still want to play football?”

Brett replies, “of course I still want to play, but do I still think I can perform as a top quarterback, I don’t know. As you get older you look at things different.”

Chris quickly takes tigers coat and puts it on and starts to sing, “fat guy in a little coat.”

Tiger then pulls out a bent nine iron (that his wife used against him) and starts to hit Chris with it. Chris gives Tiger his coat back and says, “son of a… that’s going to leave a mark.”

All of a sudden the elevator starts to move. “hey look, were moving” said Chris.

Tiger replies “Why are we going down so fast.”

The thing you know the elevator has crash.

When the janitors were cleaning up the mess, the only thing found was a jacket ripped in half.

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