The Best There Is

April 12, 2010
“Why are you still with him? You deserve better!”
“I deserve better? When I was with you, you abused me! He would never hurt me like you!”
“At least I loved you!”
“You’re not capable of love! He loves me more than a rock hearted brute like yourself could ever dream of!”
“But you deserve so much better than him! I want to show you what you deserve!”
“Define better.”
“I don’t know, stronger smarter…”
“Maybe I think he’s stronger and smarter than you. And nicer, kinder, sweeter, funnier, handsomer, and better than you.”
“You know he’s not. There’s so much better out here. You could do better, like me. Why don’t you?”
“In my opinion, he’s the best there is.”

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