Daddy's Fallen Angel- Chapter 1

April 15, 2010
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"Would you like paper or plastic?" the cashier asked for the second time.

I blinked and came into reality. "Uh, plastic" I replied. I never could tell which is better to choose because of the whole 'Recyle' deal in today's world. I never cared anyways.

I gently took the plastic bag from the cashier hand and stiffly walked away. I hated walking into a store knowing someone had their eyes on you.

The wind wiped across my face once I stepped out into the summer air. I squinted as the blazing sun shined and i tried to guard my eyes. Looking for my mother's red mini van.

It pulled up slowly and I jumped in.
"So did you have enough money to pay?" my mother questioned.

Staring out the window, "Yeah" I replied uninterested in our conversation. I watched the trees pass and counted the tiny birds that passed.

One, Two, Three, I counted. I hear my little brother laugh. I turn my head to see him trying to squirm out of his car seat. I hit his shoe and he looks at me.

"Stay in your car seat you'll get out when we get home, okay? Sit still", I warned.

He smiles and i see his small bottom teeth. I love his cute smile. I can't resist them. Baby Keith. My baby Brother.

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