Conversation Between Neighbors

April 6, 2010
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Della: I’m bored. (Leah is a blond girl who is talking to her neighbor. She is the same height of that of her neighbor.)
Zack: What type of bored? (Zack is a person of low intelligence and enjoys making not that funny jokes. He has dark red hair and brown eyes.)
Della: What? (Della gives Zack a confused look.)
Zack: (Enthusiastic) Are you a skate, surf, straightening, cutting, or diving board?
Della: Aren’t you funny? (Della rolls her eyes.)
Zack: What if a guy is running around in a mall and is shooting people. Then someone yells ‘Murderer!’ and then the killer says ‘Thou shall not judge thy neighbor. Shame on you.’
Della: Why are you talking to me?
Zack: Cause I love you! (Snort)
Della: You aren’t that funny. I am trying to write something here.
Zack: What are you writing?
Della: Something for a website. (Della is trying to ignore Zack who is looking over her shoulder. Dell is holding a laptop that is showing the website Teen Ink.)
Zack: What’s Teen Ink? (Della doesn’t say anything so Zack continues.) Teen Ink? What does a teen made out of ink have to do with anything? When they turn twenty does their account just disappear?
Della: Just shut up Zack. (She smacks him.)
Zack: Ouch! (Pulls Della’s hair)
Della: Zack, you’re a jerk.
Zack: I know! (Zack smiles slyly.)
Della: Why did you pull my hair? (She is frowning at him.)
Zack: Why did you hit me?
Della: Why won’t you leave me alone?
Zack: Why are you hanging around outside if you wanted to be alone?
Della: Why do you care?
Zack: Why do you care why I care?
Della: Why do you care why I care why you care?
Zack: Why do you care why I care why you care why I care? (Puts his hands to his head) Whoa! Too many words.
Della: I’m sure your mom would care why you care why I care why you care why I care why you care that I care!
Zack: What?
Della: Goodbye. (Stands up and goes inside.)
Zack: Why is everything spinning?

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nordgirl said...
Apr. 21, 2010 at 8:40 pm
Sorry. in the first paragraph in the () it says Leah, but that's supposed to say Della.
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