April 10, 2010
By lexxi_rox PLATINUM, Auburn Hills, Michigan
lexxi_rox PLATINUM, Auburn Hills, Michigan
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"Poetry is man's rebellion against being what he is." - James Branch Cabell

Rain, wind, and broken tree branches all remind me of my life in some way or another. The rain comforts me. The broken branches resemble my broken life. The wind makes me so emotionally and physically peaceful.

I see broken tree branches just as I see my broken life. How could it feel for the branches to be broken and just lying there in the grass feeling alone, abandoned, and disconnected from the tree? Where as the tree is what gave to branch life. So now the branch is just lying there suffocating because there is no water, there is nothing. However, my life is a different story. I feel I am broken because my heart is ripped in two. No one can put me back together. If by some miracle I can be put back together, I would not be the same. In what way you might ask, I would be depressed but in a way where no one would notice because o f the mask I would be putting on. People would finally think that I am happy and that I’m better but there is still that feeling that thought, of having depression in the back of my mind swirling around trying to consume me. It seems like I’ve been broken ever since I was seven when my parents divorce took place. So, therefore, the broken branches resemble my broken life that cannot be fixed.

The rain that falls upon my face is cold but yet comforting. When the rain starts to fall I step outside and just stand there because for once I am freed or released of my negative thoughts. I am so peaceful after I feel the rain falling upon my flustered red face. I am free. It seems like more and more stress rolls off my shoulder with each rain drop. My stress slowly fades away with every drop that falls off my trembling body. For once I feel as if the chains that has kept me captive for years are now broken and I am finally free. Free of all my problems. Free of my negative thoughts. I am free!

The wind is cold but warm as it blows against my skin. Every time I feel the wind, all the problems that I’ve ever had or are having go away because the wind is so peaceful. It makes me feel like everything that I’ve ever done is nothing compared to the wind because the wind is so much bigger than me. The wind is so much stronger than me. It makes me and everything I’ve ever regretted feel like nothing because there is something bigger than me that must have created this wind. So, therefore, every time I ever need peace I can just step into the wind and let it sweep me off my feet to take me away. The wind that makes my problems seem like nothing and just lets everything be lifted from me for however long the wind blows.

The rain is so cold every time it hits my flustered red face. Broken branches resemble my broken life. The wind comes to take me away to free me. Rain, wind, and broken branches are all a part of nature but those three things are very big things that remind me of my life.

The author's comments:
This story was written for an English assignment that I had recieved. The assignment was about how we could relate Things from nature to our life.

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on Apr. 19 2010 at 8:36 am
seven_stones GOLD, Atlantis, Massachusetts
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i think it is good but needs tweaking. You can definetly tell it is an English paper, since it is in analytical format. You need to relaxe adn loosen it up, give it more flow and make it less stiff and repetitive, but your ideas are golden. Check out my stuff is you get a chance!

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