April 1, 2010
By Josh Bootz GOLD, Sussex, Wisconsin
Josh Bootz GOLD, Sussex, Wisconsin
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Have you ever had a science class that you look forward to? It doesn’t happen often. But when you have a teacher like Mrs. Rheineck, it’s more then a science class. It’s a science class where learning is easy and fun. There is no buckling down to a huge textbook (that weighs a hundred pounds) or listening to a teacher lecture about something I don’t care about. She is a science teacher I want for the rest of my life.

My experience with Mrs. Rheineck didn’t start with science class, but with her as my tutor. I was always a weak reader and wasn’t getting any better. My parents told me I needed to be tutored. Not only did I not want to be tutored, but I was also embarrassed to be.
One day after school, I went into the library with my mom for my first tutoring session. I had no idea who was tutoring me. My mom practically had to drag me into the library. The first thing we did was play a game to get to know each other and get rid of the awkwardness. We didn’t even play a reading game.
We also went around the library and I got to pick out a book I wanted to read. She didn’t make me read a boring textbook about something I didn’t care about. I didn’t even pick a book. I picked out a magazine about remote control cars. I thought to myself, how bad could it be? I get to read about remote control cars. She told me even though I am reading a magazine, I am still reading. After the first magazine, she picked out a book she liked. I would read a chapter and then she would read a chapter to me, this way I didn’t have to read for long periods of time.
As I got better and faster at reading, I was able to read two chapters in the same amount of time, which used to take me to read one chapter.
Mrs. Rheineck should be teacher of the month because she not only makes a fun learning environment in a science classroom, but because she isn’t afraid to help outside the classroom. She would look up and learn from other English teachers what I needed to work on to become a better reader. Reading is one of the most important things in high school and college to be successful. If it wasn’t for her, I would be the reader I am today and I thank her for that.

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