My Brother, Sal DiMaggio

March 31, 2010
By Charlotte Horst BRONZE, Santa Maria, California
Charlotte Horst BRONZE, Santa Maria, California
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These are the letters of professional hit man and singing sensation, Carlo "Mickey Z" DiMaggio. They have recently been uncovered and open to the public. Any responses to these letters have been hidden, destroyed, or never written. They reveal his first job under Vito “Joe Diamonds” Gambino, and his reasons for wanting to get out of the mafia life style. These journals also show how DiMaggio got his start in show biz and how it came to a crashing halt at the end of his biggest show yet. The letters in between are mostly apologies and recollections of the times he had with Sal, his older brother to whom he lost connection with because of a fateful “accident”, and whom the letters are addressed to. But without further ado please enjoy the letters and story of Carlo DiMaggio.

January 13, 1976
Dear Sal DiMaggio,

I know it’s been a while since we talked or tried talking, but I miss you and would like to become close again. I have followed your footsteps and have entered the Mafia like you. I work privately under the name Mickey Z. I work for… uh, well... we just call him Joe Diamonds. I will continue to write.

- Carlo

January 15, 1976
Dear Sal DiMaggio,

I completed my first task last night. I hit him right on target, no mess, no nothin’. The feeling was exhilarating. I can’t wait to tell you about more.

January 17, 1976
Dear Sal DiMaggio,
I’ve been given a bigger task to take down a whole family, the Meshnik family. The Boss has made it very clear as to how they must go. I have the detailed plan and I would like to share with you but not at this time. I must go. Goodbye for now.

January 18, 1976
Dear Sal D,

I hope you’re ready to hear the plan because I’m ready to tell. First I will go over there for dinner. Once I am finished I will excuse myself from the table asking Millie to join me, we have learned this girl always had terrible dreams of being smothered to death I will make that dream reality now. I will take her into the room and when she’s turned around I will grab her head and shove a pillow into her face and wait, until she is done breathing. Next I will call Peter into the room as if she just magically passed out; when he reached the room I will put a gun to his head and threaten to shoot if he makes a noise. Whether he agrees or not I will shoot. And Helen, well by that time the poison I entered into her drink will have killed her. If not, I will shoot her as well. Once I am done I will leave and hide in the base 300 miles from there. I will wait two weeks then see from there what The Boss will have me do. I’ll be in touch.

January 21, 1976
Dear Sal D,

Tonight is the night, wish me luck.

February 11, 1976
Dear Sal D,

I believe you would be very proud of me. I have completed the task successfully. I have also been given three more assignments. I think about you everyday. I miss you Sal. I’ll keep writing.

April 17, 1976
Dear Sal,

I’ve had 18 hits within two weeks, I’m as great as they get now. The other guys have introduced me to many new things I look forward to sharing them with you if we do reunite.

April 28, 1976
Dear Sal,

I feel alone, dark and twisted. My hit rate is through the roof, Vito’s so proud but I don’t know how much I like it. I wish you were here to console me. I’m sorry for my mistake.

June 30, 1976
Dear Sal,

I don’t know how much longer I’ll be here, not just in the mafia but here on this earth. I’m living the dream to most guys. Vito has got me doin’ stuff for him all the time, and he even calls me Mickey Z, instead of just “kid”. But I just don’t feel in place here. I’m center stage here, but in my heart another stage beckons.

March 7, 1978
Dear Sal,

Okay I know it’s been a while since I’ve written but I have a lot to tell you. My dream has taken off. I’m safely out of the mafia and I now am recording for twelve guys from Russia who love my voice. They brought me over here to do a couple interviews, I’m very nervous. Any tips to stay calm? Oh well. If you watch you probably won’t recognize me, I’ve had total reconstruction of my face to hide myself from Vito and his crew, and my hair is dark now, but either way I’ll be at 219 W. Bolshev if you want to come see me. Or you can tune into channel 47. I’ll keep in touch.

March 9, 1978
Dear Sal,

I’ve never been so scared in my life. I saw one of the guys from Vito’s and I almost died I was so freaked. I thought they found out I didn’t die, and wanted to “take care of business” as we used to say. Well the singing is going good. I don’t speak Russian so I can only use words like la and lo, or just aahh and ohh. The show is in three days, hope to see you there.

March 13, 1978
Dear Sal,

Well the show was great, I was great, it felt great and the crowd loved me. I couldn’t believe the amount of smiles I got. The rush was incredible it was like that one time you and I went to the ocean aquarium, and we stood under the water tunnel for six hours, and felt the cool air jet down on us and became lost in the sound of the water as the fish danced through the tunnel up and down like synchronized swimmers. I want to go back to that place, with you, when things were nice.

March 29, 1978
Dear Sal,

I have ten more shows booked and a national tour scheduled! Well I have to go get my face lifted again and my hair redone. I’ll write soon again.

May 2, 1978
Dear Sal,

I’ve yet to see you at a show but I will not give hope you will show at one, I understand you may still hold a grudge but please try to make it to a show. I will apologize and beg for forgiveness, just please.

May 10, 1978
Dear Sal,

I had a dream last night. The dream I’ve have too many times before. Of the night we had at home when we… well you know. I wake up crying. In a daze, and sweating. I wish it never happened. I wish he was still alive. It was an accident, you know. And I am sorry. I have to go sing, but I’ll write again.

May 24, 1978
Dear Sal,

Again you were not at my show.

May 28, 1978
Dear Sal,

I went home, a new couple lives there, Phyllis and Richard. They seemed nice. They let me out back. I unearthed the box. I took the keys out, and put them back in the ground, and went back to my house. I read your letter, I cried for three days and had to cancel a show. I said I was sorry. I just couldn’t stand his beatings anymore. I couldn’t let him beat my ma like that anymore. I understand you were robbed of a proper childhood, because Dad was gone, but I couldn’t stand him disrespecting my m like that. I was under the influence when I hit him, but still I guess you knew I wanted to so maybe it wasn’t a mistake. I don’t know.

June 9, 1978
Dear Sal,

I have two more shows, please come to one. I miss you brother. I love you brother. Please see me one more time.

June 29, 1978
Dear Sal,

This will be my last letter. I realized that trying to get you to see me is probably just making you angry, if you’re even getting these letters. There is one more opportunity for you to see me, tomorrow night. At 8:30. Goodbye my brother, forever.

That night at Carlo DiMaggio’s last show Sal DiMaggio did show up. In fact Sal “The Merciless” DiMaggio had to go to this show, as it was his job, his next hit. Sal DiMaggio took those letters and let Vito Gambino read every single one. So as Sal read every single letter about how sorry Carlo was, the closer he was to getting his revenge for him killing his dad. That night as Carlo stepped off the stage to see his brother there, he also saw his whole life before his eyes. Rest in peace Carlo DiMaggio, brother, son, hit man, and Russian singing sensation.

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