The Rock Star Life

March 31, 2010
By angiexisxpsycho BRONZE, Richmond, Virginia
angiexisxpsycho BRONZE, Richmond, Virginia
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What is my name? The same thing it has been since I was born on June 17th, 1991. My name is Malorie Lynn Franklin. I am going to change my world, someday, somehow. Today is the beginning of attempt number 42.

“Where’d they go? We lost them!” I exclaimed. “Mal, they’re right there. Turn!” My best friend, Adele, told me. I took a sharp turn, and of course, there was their van. What are we doing, you may ask? We’re using our amazing stalking skills and following a band around the country while they’re on tour. Tomorrow is stop one of the tour, where we are currently making our drive to. “You’re amazing skills never fail me, Addie.” I laugh. “That’s what I’m here for,” she laughs. “I wonder if we should tell them tonight that we’re following them…Or would that be weird? Should we just let them figure it out themselves? Or is that weird, too? What should we do? Ah, they’re turning again! Stop turning! We’re getting lost!” I rambled. “Mal, calm down. We’ll deicide later if we’re going to tell them or not. I think they’re lost, which is making us lost. So, just follow them.” Addie was always calm. I, on the other hand, was always nervous. We were a great pair.

“They’re stopping. What time is it? Lunch time?” Addie noted. “I can see that. You look at the clock, I’m driving!” I yelled. “God, stop yelling. It’s around 7, so yes, it’s actually dinner time. Where’d the time go?” We followed them into the parking lot of a local pizzeria and parked two spaces over from them. I turned the car off, and waited. “This should be fun,” I sighed, and tried to get rid of my nerves, like that was even possible. I open the door and hop out and walk past their van, just as they get out. “Have you been following us?” I hear someone ask as I go to open the door. “Um, what?” I turn and ask. It’s him. It’s the lead singer of the band, Alex. “Were you following us?” He repeated, smiling. “Me? No. Never! Psh, no.” I laugh. “So, you were?” He repeated, walking towards me. “Yes, yes we were….are. We’re following you on you’re whole tour for the next two months.” I look at him to see if I can tell if he thinks I’m a stalker or not. I can’t tell. “The whole tour? That’s insane! You might as well stay in our van, I mean, really!” He walked up and hugged me. “You’re amazing. What’s your name?” He asked, after hugging me. “I’m Malorie, and this is my friend Addie.” I point to Addie. “Hey, I’m Addie.” She smiles. “I’m Alex,” he says and hugs her. “So, are we going to eat or what?” He replies. “Yes, I’m starving!” I reply. We all laugh.

The rest of the band joined us inside to stuff our faces. We talked for two hours about how we came up with our plan, earned money, and everything else anybody would want to know. I have to say, it was pretty cool. They’d offered to get us into as many shows as possible for free and pay for hotels and food some nights. I was extremely excited. “So how old are you?” Alex asked. Was he really asking me this? Alex, the guy I’d basically loved for two years, Alex? Yes, yes he was. “I’m 18, 19 in three weeks.” I take a bite of pizza. “You’re spending your birthday on the road? Living the rock star life, I see. And, that’s really cool. I’m 20, but you probably knew that.” We laughed. “Ha, yeah I knew that.”
It was now dark, and we had to leave the pizzeria so they could close for the night. Addie had gone to the car to get it started, and the band was already in the van. Everybody was gone, except me and Alex. Alex gave me a hug and said, “Well, I guess I’ll see you tomorrow at the show. I can’t wait to get to know you better. You seem like a really amazing girl. We have a lot in common, you know? Just so you know, I think you’re really beautiful. Not that fake beautiful appearance that some girls have, but you have true beauty. I can tell.” He smiled as he said this. “Wow, thanks.” I didn’t know what to respond, or how to respond. We looked into each other eyes, and were silent for the longest time. He leaned in, and kissed me. “Well, I better go. See you tomorrow!” He said, and walked away. “Bye,” I barely whispered. Looks like attempt number 42 might actually be the lucky one. I stood there under the nearly summer sky, and stared at the stars, just trying to believe that this was real. “Malorie! Get your butt in the car!” I heard Addie yell. I laughed, and ran to the car knowing this would be the best summer of my life, and I had finally changed my world.

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