I'd Never Lie To You.. Unless I had To.

March 30, 2010
By Anonymous

I pressed the cold metal against my wrist, slicing the flesh. I watched silently as the warm, metallic blood started flowing out. I stared, mesmerized, as the liquid started to drip, over flowing the wound. I held the cold object against a different section of my scarred skin. Making another, deeper wound, feeling all the pressure and stress flowing out. I closed my tired eyes, exhaling the long breath I've been holding for a while.

"Lexi! What are you doing up there?! You're going to be late for school!"

Quickly, I grabbed a small towel, dabbed my fresh cut, and ran it under water. I tossed the damn cloth into the basket of dirty clothes and slipped on my hoodie. I hurried out of the bathroom and grabbed my keys before rushing out of the door.
My mother said good bye and I hurried out of the house. The beams of the sun automatically blinding my sensitive eyes. The weather is hot today. It's cloudy and sunny. The sun heating everything in sight.
I calmly walked down the hard, cemented steps and stepped onto the side walk to make my way to school. So many flooded my mind on my way to school. My mom, my father, school, the friends I don't have, teachers, my dropping grades. I might as well just drop out since nobody knows the I'm alive. Then my mind settled on one topic; My mother.
Thinking back when her and my dad used to get along, when he actually was here..

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