March 26, 2010
By TEETEE6143 BRONZE, Brooklny, New York
TEETEE6143 BRONZE, Brooklny, New York
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HI MY NAME IS JASMINE AND I DIED WHEN I WAS FOURTEEN IM GOING TO TELL YOU HOW IT ALL STARTED HERE GOES: i was walking home with my friends and the boy i liked and then i see my father standing outside with his arms folder like i did something wrong i said, "HEY DAD WHAT ARE YOU DOING OUTSIDE YOU ARE EMBRRASSING ME STANDING OUTSIDE WAITING FOR ME TO COME IN THE HOUSE!." i yelled he said, "IM SORRY FOR WAITING FOR YOU OUTSIDE IN FRONT OF YOUR FRIENDS AND THE BOY YOU LIKE BUT I HAVE.....I HAVE TO TELL YOU SOMETHING.....YOUR MOTHER DIED TODAY IN HER SLEEP. he started to cry. i said, "LETS GO IN THE HOUSE AND TALK ABOUT IT." we had went into the house and i had took off my jacket and my bookbag and sat on the chair and i said, "HOW DID SHE DIE." i asked dad said still crying, "SHE HAD BREAST CANCER." i continued " WHY DIDNT YOU OR MOM TELL ME THAT SHE HAD BREAST CANCER WHY DIDNT YOU TELL ME IN THE FIRST PLACE OR MOM YOU KNEW THAT I WAS GOING TO FIND OUT SOONER OR LATER!" i yelled and walked out the living room and went upstairs to my room. i couldnt stop thinking about it so i told my father that i was going for a walk to get things off of my cheast but i lyed to him. i went to the top of the mountain and my friends saw me and they asked what was i doing i just looked at them turned my head and jumped off the cliff. my friedns yelled, "NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!". THEY HAD RAN TO MY FATHER AND TOLD HIM THAT I HAD JUMPED OFF THE CLIFF AND HE WAS IN SHOCK.

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