my fairytale

March 5, 2010
By Anonymous

it took one glance for me to fall for you. Then one day you caught a glance at me, I noticed you couldn't stop looking. Neither could I. I kept going to the same spot where you saw me, then I saw you. I went there everyday, then eventually we ended up getting closer and I ended up falling for you more and more, I couldnt stop. One day I had to move on because I saw you with another girl. Your friends knew I liked you alot, but you were clueless. When I had moved on...found out that was a big mistake. as I healed from that mistake I decided to be myself and have fun with my friends for a little while. Eventually soon enough, while I was on winter vacation, I thought of you again. I remembered how much I liked you. I thought, wow, I liked him for a long time. I couldnt wait to see you again. When winter vacation was over and came back, I saw you again. I fell for you, I started liking you, then I said to myself,...I want him to know that I like him. Then when you found out, I got to hear the words I wanted to hear, "He likes you too". I coudnt help but to smile about it for the rest of the day. I couldn't think of anything better, but I did think whats going to happen next? In less then two weeks, I found out. Me and you started dating. Didn't hold hands for a week because we were so shy. Ended up holding hands after that week. You came to my house to meet my parents for the first time, they liked you. I met yours, they liked me.......its been more then a month, I still am happy to be with you. Extremely happy! I couldnt ask for anything better! :) <3 I will never forget the day...Januaray 8, 2010 :)

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