March 5, 2010
The ocean’s rhythmic water cooled my body, as the sun beat down on my shoulders, mist wrapped around me like an oversized coat, and I chanted in my head, summer, summer, summer, summer, taking a step farther out into the ocean every time I said that beautiful word. I could no longer feel my feet sinking into the image imprinting sand so I drifted a little and relaxed, I closed my eyes and just then salt water drenched my body, my eyes stung, and I wrestled with the water that kept pulling me down. I screamed for help but it’s like no one could hear me, the waves repeatedly whipped my face, crashing harder with each foamy wave. I screamed and screamed but no one could hear me. I tried to swim to shore but the undertow just kept pulling me out deeper and deeper, my mother warned me about this, I should’ve listened to her, I know I’m not a great swimmer but I never thought something like this would ever occur. I kept fighting the waves that were eating me, but they fought back harder, so I closed my eyes and relaxed, and thought to myself “invincible,” we all think we’re just invincible.

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