This is Just the Begining pt.1

March 25, 2010
By rockrocks619 BRONZE, Pulaki, New York
rockrocks619 BRONZE, Pulaki, New York
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"The impossible is only impossible if we believe it is"

“I pledge allegiance to the flag…” just another day at school, we all are standing to say the pledge of allegiance, except for me. I’m just standing and watching the blank gray board where the flag is pinned just above, I dose off and starts thinking about this weekend, I often do that on Fridays. “Mister Nicholson! I suggest you take a seat” I had dosed off and realized I’m the only one standing anymore, the class chuckles. I take a seat. Another thing I forgot to mention is my name, I’m Jacob that is.

Now its study hall, I don’t take band or chorus because I’m not to musically talented. All I can do is play guitar. I guess I’m pretty good, I’m in a band but we aren’t anything big. Just a local band that have a total of three fans. My three best friends Mikey, Devon and Joe. There not in the band, just some nerds who have no common sense and play there Xbox all day. The people in my band are Leo (bass) and Eric (drums). My birthday is in a month and all I want is an Xbox. I will be able to talk to my friends and make more friends.

I guess I’m athletic, if you count chasing my giant dog around town trying to get them home as athletic then I’m extremely athletic. I’m not very good at many of these things because there is always someone better than me.

So now for the real story, all I got for my birthday was an acoustic guitar, I’m kind of disappointed, it’s not like our band is going far. So every year at my school we have this thing called musical deserts, it’s when people can play songs or sing while the audience gets to stuff their faces with deserts like cake or other pastries. Eric had a brilliant idea that we should play there, I didn’t want to but they did so I just went along anyways. So we did pretty well that night. Afterwards a dressed up man who I noticed earlier walks up to us, I yell “my mom told me never to talk to strangers!” Leo and Eric chuckle, I chuckle, he chuckles. He says to us “boys I am a talent artist, and I want to offer you something you couldn’t refuse,” I gulp and look at Eric and Leo, the man speaks again “I want you to make a CD with the help of Disney studios,”...

The author's comments:
this is mostly about my life, well its based off of me, my name is jacob but im alot nore athletic and i sing and play trumpet, i just pulled everything off the top of my head and put it into this

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