March 25, 2010
By jasmine sanchez BRONZE, Orlando, Florida
jasmine sanchez BRONZE, Orlando, Florida
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Summers day and the sun glisten into his eyes as he whispers sweet words of love into my ear. He pressed his lips against mine, giving me Goosebumps, then he lightly brushes back my hair. He leans in towards my face, then goes
“Jenna Baby I L-aappp”
He burps right in my face; we burst out laughing together rolling around practically in tears
“Ugh Leo your such a pig, and I L-aappp you too.
A crack appears in his face, and white teeth blaze out his mouth blinding me. Im practically crisping here! The sun was frying me, I jump up “babe we should definitely go for ice cream at the Baskin Robbins across the road, because im really hot, and nothing can cool me off more then some ice-cream.
“Babe what do you want?”
“Um the usual”
“Oh okay, Can I have a butter pecan waffle cone and can I get um--- a triple fudge sundae.
“sure thing, that al b’ $12.39 says the counter man
Leo Reaches into his wallet, only to see that he is dumb broke.
“Ugh Leo”
“No its okay baby its okay, I got this Jenna well just go to my house and get some money.”
“Pshhh Your house”
I laughed suggesting that we should just go to my house, because I was sure to have money left over from my allowance. We made our way to my house trying to find some cash, but oddly my money was gone, I didn’t have a cent left, but I reckon daddy took it to pay for some gas.
“No cash huh”
“Yup no cash”
“Dang it”
“huuughh yup”, but hey babe I think I got a Better idea”
Even though we he knew darn well what I was insinuating. Less then two minutes later we were both butt naked twisting out tongues around in each other’s mouth, stroke after stroke we continued to reach our climax, sweat dripped down his face and onto my chest
“Baby STOP”
“Why does it hurt?”
“No but…”
I pointed to the edge of the bed where daddy was standing over us. His eyes were blazing, steam rose above his head, and his jaw clinched. He ran up to the side of Leo pounding his face, blood oozed, his nose was busted, but that wasn’t nearly enough for daddy he puts Leo into a choke lock, not letting him get a second to breath. I couldn’t bare to see that anymore, I just couldn’t. I screamed and screamed “Daddy STOP, please oh please just stop, im sorry, im so sorry” but daddy ignores my cries. He doesn’t stop beating him down until; I pulled out a knife and put it to his neck “if you don’t stop this daddy, I will” daddy pauses astonished that I would even dare to come to him with a knife.
“Jenna Nicole Mauricio, you listen to me, put the knife down”
“NO! Never, look what you’ve done”
“Baby girl, he disrespected me, and he disrespected you, he took your innocence”
“My innocence has been gone for a long time now daddy, no let him go or else”
“Jenna put the knife down NOW!”
I begin to cry
“No, I can’t”
Daddy releases Leo’s neck. I look down at the unconscious body, and begin to cry. Daddy how could you; I turn around at stare at him. My heart was full of sorrow; Leo laid there dead on my floor and there was just one thing I had to do. I Jolted at daddy stabbing him in his chest and in his neck, he cried “Jenna, Jenna” I ignored his calls just as he ignored mine. I wasn’t me anymore, I was someone else, I was a Killer. Daddy’s cries came to an end, when I stabbed him last in the head. I laughed and laughed at him, although he couldn’t here me. Hours later I realized what I had done, and that I was alone. Everyone that I possibly loved was dead. I had nowhere to go, I had no one. I sat in the blood of my daddy and cried all night. I picked myself up, and laid on Leo’s Chest, kiss his head, and told him I loved him. Then I feel asleep in my baby’s arm for the last time. Tomorrow I knew I had to burry him, and my daddy. Morning struck, and I awoke, lying with a dead carcass was more comfortable then you think. I decided to keep them both, here in my house. Sounds odd huh? But I can’t let them leave. So I just sit around with them, holding up conversations and what not. Weeks pass by and the stench of my house is unbarring. I haven’t been to school ever since the incident now and this dang principal keeps calling my dad’s phone more then ever. They left a few messages about them having a social worker come by to scoop me up, but im not worried about it.
I think im going to die! Where running out of food and the land lord has been banging on my door for the last week. There’s nothing I can do anymore but turn myself in or run away, but im not crazy enough to do that. Ive been miserable lately, I wish I can take back that whole entire night. Being here all by myself is making me crazy. Yesterday I caught myself taking to a wall. I know, I know desperate, but nobody is here to talk to, that night I lost everybody who ever loved me. I aint got much friends, or family, my dad was the only one left after that Hurricane in New Orleans. Im going to just get some sleep so I can clear this mind of mine. Im off to lye on Leo’s dead carcass again.
Morning hits and I really want to go to school, I have been isolated from everyone for weeks, 8 weeks to be exact, and 2 months for short. I walk up the stairs and took a shower, the water drops on my skin felt so good, on a count of I haven’t took a shower since that night. In fact, I still had on the same old bloody clothes. I scurried down the stairs and into my room, and threw on some clothes, “hey Leo, do you think looks good on me” He didn’t respond, “Yeah your right, these jeans are a little worn out” I change my pants and slick back my hair, and walk to school. On my way to school, I felt as if people were staring at me. Discomfort came over me. I seen my daddy’s boss, he told me to tell my dad he’s out of a job. I told him to shut up and that my daddy didn’t even need his stupid job. I arrived to school 3 hours late, but I didn’t care, I was just happy to see some of my friends again.
“Rosa! Elizabeth! Im so happy to see you” they looked at me and smiled
“Oh my gosh Jenna where have you been girl”
“Um, I went on vacation”
“Oh, dang I haven’t seen you in months”
We went and got us some lunch, and they talked about boys and stuff. I sat in silence. They kept going on and on about boys; boys; boys. Then they mentioned Leo, and I burst into tears, and ran off campus. I couldn’t be there anymore I just couldn’t. I went back to my house, and took a good look around. I scavenged the room for a knife, and when I found one I began craving the words “hate” “love” “sorrow” and “pain” into my arms.
About an hour later I received a knock on my door. I swung open the door, reveling my secret, Elizabeth and Rosa eyes widen, and they became to scream. They acted as if they never seen dead body’s plopped right there in the front of the door. I sat there as they ran away. I knew then that they would call the police and I would go to jail. In less then five minutes the police were at my door. I was in handcuffs and hauled off to the police department, they asked me what happens and I simply said it was all a mistake. They looked at me for a while and then seen the freshly craved words that were engraved in my arm. They turned away and then said “officer, brown I think you should call the mental institute” I laughed simply because I didn’t care where I was going to go, my life was over. They then took me to “St. Luke’s mental institute”. There I stayed for 8 years. My last year there I was “Fully cured”. I am now released, and im not sure how to take this world., Definitely not by storm, so I just sit around my old house, which is now abanded, and talk to my daddy, and my love Leo. I am a different Jenna now. I am better.

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