Your not taking it again.

March 23, 2010
By tiffanyanne SILVER, Miamisburg, Ohio
tiffanyanne SILVER, Miamisburg, Ohio
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i am who i am bc of where i've been, who i've met, & the things i've experienced. i know exactly who i am & exactly who i want to be & nothing will get in my way this time. i've made so many mistakes & i've lost jus about everyone in my life, & it's taught me how to be strong. & hold on. there are several people who didn't walk out on me when i needed them the most & they know who they are. i've been treated like i don't matter, but i do & i'm sick of people telling me that i don't. in my life, people have lied to me, fooled me, & made me believe that i could trust them when i couldn't. i've learned my lesson, & i'll never give you the opportunity to hurt me again. you already took e v e r y t h i n g from me, what else do you want? i've got nothing else to take, & i cant keep doing this. all i've got is the people in my life at the moment. are you gonna take that from me too? your trying to do it again this time, your trying to make me miserable, well guess what. i'm strong this time, i'm important & i'm not letting you ruin everything again, i've worked too hard to change , i've worked too hard to gain my friends' trust back, & it's mine for the long run. quit trying, bc it's not going to get you anywhere, i'm done playing these games.

The author's comments:
True story.

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