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March 23, 2010
By squeak BRONZE, Redding, California
squeak BRONZE, Redding, California
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The rain fell as Nick walked the streets of his little home town. It was the perfect time to walk, the streets deserted like a plague had taken over and he was the only survivor. Nick rubbed his hands together and shoved them in his pocket for warmth. Nick didn’t get along with any one at his school, thought he had one close friend. Nick was sensitive and well mannered when he wanted to be. His clothing was dark, and he often stole his sisters pants. He spent and hour a day getting ready for school most of the time was spent on his hair. He wore studded belts, gloves, and tight band shirts. He had two lip rings. No, he wasn’t normal, he didn’t fit in in his little home town. Though that was just the out side, Nick knew he could never be normal. He had many secrets, he knew he would be punished one day for it.

He though about these things as he walked. Nick was glad as the rain slowed to a light drizzle. The light breeze moved the clouds, revealing the night sky and bright moon. He stopped and looked to the sky, maybe he wasn’t alone he thought. He gave a light sigh taking a back ally. His wide shoulders occasionally scraping the brick building’s. the ally came to the back of the town church. He hated the church, his mom made him go with her every Sunday. His mom thought Nick would soon see the light. He remembered the argument when she tolled him he had to go. They had just moved in five months ago, it was the first day of school and they were almost done unpacking.

His mom drove past it on there way to school, it was only 3 miles away from home, and the church was smack dab in the middle. His sister was exited to go to school, but Nick wasn’t so enthusiastic. His sister managed to blubber about all the new friends she would make in the most annoying way possible.

“Sun! will you pleas just shut you mouth?” Nick said, turning in his head to look at her from the front seat.

“Well, I’m so sorry your not happy, and I am.” she retorted, sticking out her tongue

“Better watch it little sister, I’ll cut it off the next time I see it.” Nick said giving her a look silently telling her he would do it.

“MOM!” she shrieked.

“Oh that’s right Sun cry to mommy.” Nick said, looking away.

“Will you two knock it off? if you don’t stop bickering I’ll ground you.” their mom said, looking in the rearview mirror. Sun huffed in triumph as if she had won a grate battle.

“God, your such a baby for a 15 year old.” Nick said, rolling his eyes.

“What did I just say ? are both of you deaf.” mom said, taking her eyes off the road to scold Nick and Sun for a moment.

“I wish,” nick said, under his breath. He looking out the window and saw the church.

“Ah! Now look at that. that’s nice, I haven’t seen a church like that in ages. I think, I was about Suns age. I used to go every Sunday.” their mother said, peering at the building.

“That’s grate Katherine, now how does that make you feel?” Nick said, tenting his hands under his chin like he was about to pray.

“That’s not funny, and you know how I feel about you calling me by my first name.” she said, giving a stern look.

“Maybe church would do you some good.” she said, looking back to the road. All went silent, nick had no intention on commenting. They drove the rest of the mile in silence. Nick checked his bag to make sure he had all of his things. He opened the car door, stepped out and leaned his head down.

“I’m not going to church.” Nick said, slamming the car door. Nick went to his classes, he had to announce his name and where we was from. He was proud to be from new jersey, where the sum of the earth seemed to reside; specially around his neighborhood. He sat in back of as many classes as possible.
When his mom picked him up, she looked upset. Nick asked where Sun was.

“She took the buss home.” she said, keeping her eyes on the road. The ride home was an awkward silence. That night she tolled nick he had to go to church. He started yelling at his mother; Nick tolled her he wouldn’t go. She yelled back telling him he had to. They kept arguing tell sun came out of her room and screamed at them to stop arguing.

It bothered him, but nick gave in. he loathed his sister some times, but he loved her. He agreed to go to church once. But the same thing happened the Sunday after that, and after that. He finally gave up, he went to church every Sunday now. Though he refused to participate more then what he had to. Even though he hated it he still found it amusing that people believed in such things.

His smile slowly faded as nick realized he had been lost in his memory. He stood in front of the church, he felt a upset. He missed his home town, jersey, the only real home he had. Even if it was the place where the scum of the earth resided; he didn’t care. He walked up to the front of the church doors, He didn’t know what he was doing or why. He stopped at the steps and sat; he knew he didn’t belong in this small town, or at the church. Though he stayed he had no where else to go, and no one else to go to. Nick pulled his knees up to his chin and cry. After a while Nick wiped his face, the tears and frustration where rubbed on the cuffs of his thick sweater. He stood and walked away from the church, letting the feelings ooze out to be left at the church steps. He walked to the road crossing passing the ally he came from.

*Gerard and his brother Mikey just crossed the town lines of Riverview Villa. Gerard could already tell he hated the place, just by the name. As the car went on, and the small town buildings reveled them self’s, Gerard had to fight the sensation to vomit. Mikey giggled as he gave his brother a light punch, at the peculiar face he was making. Gerard punched him back.

“Hay! I thought you said you would never hit a guy with glasses. Gees gee, your so two faced.” Mikey said, snickering.

“Well Mikey, a guy wouldn’t laugh like that, so you don’t count as one.” Gerard said, punching his brother again.

“Your so mean to me Gerard!” Mikey whined.

“You know I don’t like it when you call me gee.” Gerard said, mimicking his brothers pout.

Gerard wanted to go home, he loved jersey. He never in his life could he imagine leaving, but he did. He had to. Gerard heard his brother gasp, he looked over and laughed at his younger brother. Mikey had his hands by his head, his middle fingers pointing straight up as horns. Gerard laughed again looking at the church, as Mikey made hissing sounds. Gerard was glad his mother never made Mikey or Gerard go to church. When they were old enough to make there own choices, the mother let them chose church or no church. Gerard’s eyes met some one else’s, he turned as the car passes the pedestrian. though in the blur of motion he saw a face, he gasped.

“Did you see that?” Gerard asked his brother, still turned around in his seat. letting his eyes follow the stranger in to the dark street.

“See what?” there mom asked from the driver seat.

“There was someone walking on the street.” Gerard said, amused that the little town at least had one night owl person like him self. His mother Donna slowed the car down to a mere roll.

“Really? I didn’t see any thing.” Gerard and Mikey sighed, as there mom slowed the car further.

“Mom do you have your head lights on?” Gerard said looking out into the blackness that swallowed the little town.

“Yes Gerard! See look.” his mother said flicking the headlights on and then off.

“Mom there off! Turn the button once.” Gerard said, frustrated. His mother Donna was color blind. And at night she explained the things were black and white, and when the lights where on the appearance of things turned white and black, she often couldn’t tell the difference. She had trouble talking while driving to. Donna slowly stopped the car and flick the head lights on.

“Oh! I guess you where right, I cant never tell when there on or off.” Donna said, she was not a bad driver, but the lights didn’t help her weather they were on or off, but when there off at least the chances of being pulled over went to a minimum.

Gerard sighed and looked out the window, brilliant green eyes stared back at him. Gerard’s heart nearly jumped out of his chest. He mumbled “hi” and waved his hand, forgetting the window was rolled up. He looked at his younger brother and back to the stranger, then back to his little brother. Mikey knew his brothers secret, all he could to was grimace at the idea and smile. Gerard rolled down the window as fast as he could.

“Hi,” was the only thing that could escape from Gerard’s mouth. The stranger retuned the gesture. Donna rolled down her window as well; unfolding a small map of the town.

“Hi, sorry to bother you, but do you know were pare street is?” she said, pointing to the map that was upside down. The stranger smiled.

“Yes I do.” the boy said, Gerard’s heart fluttered at the sound of his angelic voice.

“How do you get there?” Donna asked, staring at the map flipping it around to where it was side ways.

“Well you take this street down to wild, turn right on Cherrie, then either take a right or a left depending on your address.” the green eyed stranger said, his eyes trans fixed on Gerard who was begging to breath heavily. Mikey shifted feeling awkward watching the intense stare.

“Thanks, we are just moving in, and we have never been to this part of. . . Well we have never been any where.” Donna said, flipping the map around again.

“5553 right?” Gerard was shocked that the boy knew where he was moving in to.

“Yea that’s it how did you know?” Gerard asked, peeking at Mikey.

“You have jersey plates I saw the moving truck this morning same plates.” the boy said pointing to the back of the car. Gerard noticed the boys expression change, he looked worried.
“what’s wrong.” Gerard blurted out.

“I was supposed to meet my friend to night and I’ve already taken a detour to night; I’m sure he’s worried.” the boy said, looking down the road.

“Oh! I’m sorry dear, can I give you a ride? your going to have to sit in the back seat with my boys.” Donna said, folding up the map. The boy seemed to pause in deliberation for a moment it look like he would say no.

“yes, thank you.” the boy said. Gerard opened the door for him, and scooted over closer to his brother. The boy slid in next to Gerard.

I'm only using the artist of the band My Chemical Romance's names this is all fiction ! i own the story for i created it but thats all :P

The author's comments:
This is a little story I’m working on. I will post more of it later when its ready. the story is about 5 teens who find there self’s all from the same town, doomed to move to another. thought there friendship may cause them trouble then any one could ever suspect, in there new little town.

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