When The Bow Breaks

March 13, 2010
By OurLoveIsTrue GOLD, Johnstown, New York
OurLoveIsTrue GOLD, Johnstown, New York
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It was only days after Christmas when it happened. When my life was teared away from me. When that letter arrived, I kept pinching myself wondering when I would wake up. It was to sci-fi Criminal Minds like for me.

I can still remeber how terrified I was to go home that night. You refused to come home and I was so scared to go back with him alone.

Those events led me to where I am now, living with Grandma and Grandad. I called you every night that first week, I longed to hear your voice tell me everything was alright. I longed to hear you. I missed you so much even after those 24 hours.
But then I realized that you wouldn't be coming back, that you were really done with me and my screwed up family. The letter was true you told me. You had been cheating on him. I felt so betrayed.

I stopped calling you after you told me that. I just kept wondering, how long? Why Me? But the pain just kept getting worse. I needed you so much.

You had been like my mother for so many years and now I couldnt let you just leave. I needed you.

So thats when I called you. I asked if we could hang out and you said sure. I loved the normal feeling of getting into your car. Heading back to my home and watching a movie.

And then when you took me again the next weekend and the weekend after that, I felt invincable. Undestructable. You didnt hate me. You wouldnt leave me.

But I was also soo scared. What would happen when you grew tired of carting around your ex's kids? What about when you find a new boyfriend? will you still take me on our car rides back home?

The author's comments:
True Story, My life became hell on the day that the person sent us that letter saying she had cheated on my dad. But now I see that if he made her happy then she should be with him. I just hope she doesnt leave me all alone.

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