Dog Struck

March 12, 2010
By Sarahk123 SILVER, Missouri City, Texas
Sarahk123 SILVER, Missouri City, Texas
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Chapter One

Shane walked past his mailbox, opened it up, and closed it. No mail, he thought. There was a curious barking sound though. He heard a Police Car racing down his street but didn’t notice that it was after him. He jumped when he saw that the officer inside held up a gun and yelled, “Put your hands up!” He did exactly that. Shane was scared but not surprised. Shane steals. But they aren’t big things like a T.V or some video games, it’s just stealing candy. But that’s still stealing.

“What’s going on?” Shane asked in confusion.

“You’re under arrest for assault on Rodney Harman. He is a student at Bend View Middle School. He said you beat him up by punching him in the nose and you kicked and punched him in the stomach. We also have it on tape. He‘s pressing charges.” Officer George Barren said putting his gun back on his holster and walking over to Shane to put handcuffs on him.

“Oh, Well, I was defending myself. He had punched me in the stomach and attempted to hit me in the head because I cut in the lunch line and so I fought back. That was Self-Defense and you can’t arrest me for that.” Shane talked quickly while Officer Barren put handcuffs on him.

“Oh really? Then why did we only see you hitting him in the video. I saw no assault on you. I only saw you punch Rodney in the nose and in the stomach.” Officer George Barren stated. They were having their conversation while Shane was sitting on back of a Police Truck.

“You probably didn’t see it because somebody might have turned it on late.” Shane fought back.

“That’s not what I saw. Now why did you punch him?” Barren asked.

“I was defending myself.” Shane argued.

“No, why did you really punch him?” Officer Barren asked again.

“Because he punched me.” Shane argued again.

“This is only going to get harder if you don’t tell me the real truth.”

“And this is going to get easier if you would just believe me.” Shane stated.

“Alright, you’re going downtown. Come on kid.” Officer Barren demanded holding Shane by the arms.

“I’m not a kid and I’m not going downtown. I am a 13 year old and an adolescent. I have rights.”

“Yes, you have the right to remain silent and come downtown.” Shane refused but then he just went along and walked over to the car sighing heavily and got in.

“You know, you don’t always have to get in trouble. You could stay away from this kind of stuff.” Officer Barren continued while Shane sat in the car and closed the door.

“I don’t see why I’m getting punished. Someone hit me first so I hit them back. Big deal. And the only reason he’s pressing charges is because he’s rich and he has that ability. He always takes other people and manipulates them. Like you. He’s white trash you know? ” Shane explained.

“Rodney Harman is not white trash. You’re white. So? What if he said that to your face?” Officer Barren was having a conversation with him in the car while driving to downtown.

“He doesn’t have the guts and if he did, I’d punch him.”

“See? You get angry fast every time I say his name. It‘s about him.” Barren stated.

“That’s because it’s Rodney Harman. That boy has picked on me ever since third grade.”

“So? Stand up to him.”

“I did but I’m going to jail for it.” Shane said.

“It’s not jail but its probation. You’re on it for 3 months. If you steal or assault, or any other crime, I will put you in Juvenile. But first we have to fill out papers and call your dad.” Barren explained. The conversation in the car on the way to downtown was tiring and Shane had enough. The cops had already ruined his morning and now was the surprise he had never expected. He parked and went in with Shane.
Chapter Two

“Come and sit down Shane.” Another Officer named Brandon Baker started,
“Ok, lets see what you got into.” He opened the folder with Shane’s record and carefully examined it. “Ok, so you beat up a kid at Bend View Middle School. The kid’s name is Rodney Harman. You punched him in the Nose and did some damage in the stomach and…he’s pressing charges. Shane….why do you have to get in trouble like this?”

“I thought I told one of your buddies that I was defending myself. That snot nose boy Rodney is trash and I don’t like him. That’s not why I hit him though. He would’ve gone to juvenile and I would have been hurt badly if I didn‘t stand up for myself. If that camera had been rolling when Rodney started it, he would’ve been in this position. Not me.”

“Shane…why are you like this? You beat up a helpless kid and you are still sticking to the facet that you were defending yourself. I don’t get it. What’s your dad’s phone number?” Officer Baker demanded. Baker knew what he was going to say. So he got out his cell phone waiting for the number. Shane was ready to give it to him. But then Chester got out a folder and Shane looked suspicious.

“832-409-6785.” Shane stated. It wasn’t his dad’s real number. But Officer Baker knew the trick and actually called his dad’s real phone number that was in the folder.

“Hello, I’m Officer Baker at the Bend View Police Department. Is this Mr. Landers, the father of Shane Landers?” Officer Baker asked.

“Man! What did he do now?” Ben Landers, his dad, answered. Shane got scared. He knew that Officer Baker knew he was lying.

“Well…he is registered at Bend View Middle School and he beat up a kid that was supposedly beating him up uh…he punched Rodney Harman in the nose, and he was bleeding, and he punched him in the stomach. He won’t tell us why he did but that won’t matter. And Rodney’s parents are pressing charges.”

“Really? Can I talk to him?” Ben asked whispering.

“Shane, here’s your dad.” Officer Baker stated.

“Shane, dude? Why would you do such a thing. I thought that you were a nice enjoyable person. No wonder you didn’t come back from getting the mail. You are so ground-”

“Uh…sir? Would you like to come downtown to see him?” Officer Baker was back on.

“Yes I would.” Ben answered in a very angrily tone while getting his jacket on.

“Alright Shane. Your father is coming down to see you. You scared?” Officer Baker explained while hanging up his phone.

“Scared? Really? You think that I’m scared? Well, I’m not. My dad has never punished me because I never got caught. You are the source for that matter.” Shane explained.

“Well, I see your father pulling up in the parking lot outside. You better go answer to him. Oh…and after I want you to come downstairs and meet me for your punishment.” Baker said.

“Oh, great. I have to wait out my own punishment.” Shane whispered to himself.

“Shane!” Ben yelled up the stairs. Shane ran down the stairs and saw him standing right there.

“Dad, before you yell I have to say something.”


“Dad, I was defending myself. I cut in the lunch line just a smidge and then he pushed me and then he punched me in the stomach and to prevent more damage, I just fought back and it was all self-defense. They won’t believe me dad all because of some video that only captured me doing my defense. I am sorry dad but I had to help myself. I know you’ll ground me but you just have to believe me. I’m sorry. I truly am. I had an adrenaline rush and just started to do it. I’m-”

“Shane, relax ok? I’m not going to ground you. I just wanna know one thing. What is your punishment? Have you learned that beating someone up is not ok?” Shane’s dad was glad to hear that is wasn’t intentional so he let slide just a little bit.

“Hello Mr. Landers. Lets talk about the punishment.” Officer Baker lead them to his office and they all sat down.

“So, Officer Baker. I was talking about the punishments and stuff and what he should do if he ever got in trouble again in the car.” Mr. Landers said.

“So what would be an ideal punishment for you Mr. Landers?” Officer Baker started.

“Well I haven‘t really had an exactly deal punishment.” Ben answered. “Well, okay then. So I thought of one myself. You either have to wash my car every week for a 6 month period and you will still be on probation for 3 months or-”

“Why isn’t probation enough?” Shane interrupted.

“Because that is just to keep you out of trouble. Anyway, or you could let your dad pick?” Officer Baker finished. The K9 Cops were just coming up the stairs.

“I pick dad’s punishment.” Shane agreed. Ben heard the sound of the German Sheppard barking in the distance.

“Shane, I think it’s time for you to take on more responsibility. You will need to take care of a K9 Cop. And that does mean that German Sheppard over there.”

“What? Are you crazy? Why would I take care of a dog?” Shane darted at his dad.

“Uh…Sir,” Officer Baker started, “We don’t have that kind of-”

“Don’t worry. I’ll pay for it if I have to.” Mr. Landers said happily.

“Mr. Landers, that won’t be necessary. You can take the German Sheppard that’s partners with Officer Dean. He can teach you many things about taking care of that German Sheppard. And don’t worry he’s completely harmless when it comes to children. He’s in the back.”

Shane and Mr. Landers walked to the Kennel where they take care of all of the K9 Cops. Shane walked in and didn’t see a tag on any cage that said ‘Officer Dean’. Then he went all the way back to the Kennel and there he was. It read, “Tyson Dingo-Officer Dean” He looked viscous and unfriendly. Then Dean walked in.
Chapter Three

“Excuse me kid.” Officer Jared Dean called on Shane.

“I am not a kid. I am an adolescent and what are you doing?” Shane said to Officer Dean who was opening the cage to get Tyson out.

“I’m getting my partner to go out on patrol. Now if you will excuse me, I need to get him out.” Officer Dean demanded for Shane to get out of his way. Shane was stubborn but he knew that he was an officer and was Tyson’s owner so he let it by.

“Are you Dean?” Shane asked knowingly.

“It’s Officer Dean or Jared Dean. Not ’Dean’.” Officer Dean explained, “And yes. I’m Officer Dean.”

“Alright well I guess you’re my pal.” Shane said.

“What the heck are you talking about?” Officer Dean asked, “Officer Baker!” Officer Dean called out.

“Who is this kid? And why is he in the cages thinking that Tyson is his dog? Uh…is he the kid who you told me that was taking care of my dog?” Officer Dean asked. Shane walked by them and then he sat down in a chair outside of the office that they were talking in.

“Look Jared, It isn’t your dog and his father agreed to a punishment and so-”

“Tyson is not a punishment. He is a living thing and needs to be treated with respect and a kid like that isn’t going to take care of my dog for a punishment.” Officer Dean said in a demanding tone, Shane heard the word ‘Kid’ and ‘Tyson’ and he knew they were talking about the dog situation.

“Hey, Officer Dean, you listen to me. I put you in this job and I say that we do this as a punishment. I‘m not disrespecting your partner but Shane needs help. That‘s why you will help him. But don’t be mean to that boy. Give this to him. It‘s your card and you will give it to him.” Officer Baker said. Then Officer Dean walked out with a huge sigh, flicked the card to Shane, and never talked until he got into his own office.

There was a long silence for a minute. Then, Shane got up and walked to Officer Dean’s office. The sign outside said, ‘Officer Dean and Best Pal, Tyson Dingo. My best friend should be respected and treated well’. Shane knocked three times.

“What do you want kid?” Officer Dean said grumpily.

“Officer Dean, I won’t hurt him. I mean I don’t even want to have the dog as my punishment. I don’t even know why my punishment has to be your’s to. I’m sorry and I hope that I can make up for it. I understand that he’s your only pal right now. I know what it’s like to lose one to. So, whenever I need your help, I guess I can just call you. I’m sorry for everything. See ya later.” Shane’s speech was settling deeply into Officer Dean’s heart and he wanted to give the boy a hug but he was too upset right now.

Shane was walking out when Officer Dean was coming out of the elevator with Tyson. Officer Dean handed Tyson to him and didn’t say a word. Shane just stood there with Tyson and then walked out and was surprised.

“Come on Shane.” Ben said.

“Ok.” Shane answered.

Chapter Four

It was a long and quiet road home for Shane, Tyson, and Ben. Neither of them spoke or laughed or even make mumbles. It was awkward for Shane because his dad had to come and get him in a jacket, some sweat pants, and a pajama shirt.

Tyson may have made at most one bark. But that was it. Shane needed dog food for Tyson but didn’t ask his dad just in case he’d get mad. To avoid conflicts with his dad, he just did whatever his dad told him to do like, vacuum, do dishes, take out the trash, and other chores like laundry. Shane hated to do the laundry only because he was bad at folding clothes.

Shane knew that there was a dog over at the neighbor’s place because their dog kept Shane awake all night by barking and howling at the sky.

It wasn’t the first time he had gone over there. Shane was playing baseball one day and then he knocked the ball over into the other field. When Shane went over to get it, their Doberman chased him around in the yard when he was trying to fetch his ball.

Tyson was very quiet and settle. He didn’t make a peep when Shane was going over there to get some dog food for him.

Shane walked over there all quiet and then he knocked on the door. He had told Tyson to stay at once and he stayed. Tyson was very well trained by his owner, Jared Dean. Somebody in the house opened the door and said, “Hello, sir . How are you doing?”

“Great, um…I need some dog food. Ya see my dad will get mad if I say I need dog food to him. I just need dog food if that’s okay.”

“Why yes. It’s right here. Next to the door. Here you go!” The lady gave it to him. It was a 50 pounder bag. Shane knew that that lady was always crazy.

“Thank you.” And Shane stepped off the porch. He walked back over to Tyson and Tyson was still sitting where Shane told him to stay. Shane walked in the house and expected Tyson to follow. But then Shane remembered that a well trained dog is only as good as its trainer. So Shane told him to come and he came. Tyson a very well trained dog.

“How was getting that dog food?” Ben asked his son right when he stepped foot in the house.

“Uh…dad, I just didn’t want to make you mad. I already got in trouble by the police and I didn’t want to have another conflict. I knew I could ask you but I thought that-”

“Shane, it’s okay. Luckily we have a big free bag right here. So? Lets feed him.” Shane’s dad is taking the punishment very well.

“Okay but are you mad at me?” Shane asked his father.

“Actually, right now, I’m anything but mad at you.” Ben answered happily.

“So, I was wondering, are we going to go to like, the park or something after we eat lunch?” Shane asked.

“Uh…Sure? If that’s what you want to do?” Ben said confused.

“Well, he does need exercise and stuff like that.” Shane said.

“Well, if you want to go now, we can.” Ben said.

“Alright well lets go now then.” Shane said. Shane got the leash and they both went out the door. He kneeled down and put the leash on him, but Tyson refused. Then a familiar police car showed up. It was Officer Dean and he had pulled right into their driveway.

Chapter Five

After we went home from the walk, I thought to myself about the punishment and it really counted. A few days after that, Tyson jumped In a river after one of our walks. Then, a few weeks after that, he got sick and then a year later, Tyson was a memory.

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